Nigeria At 60: A Sixty Year Old Child Crawling Is Worrisome _ Written by Seyi Oyetunbi

Nigeria At 60: A Sixty Year Old Child Crawling Is Worrisome

Any human crawling at age sixty is not medically fit to deal with life.
Nigeria, the most populous African country gained her independence from colonial rule sixty years ago, making it the genesis of self rule that was predicted to be the beginning of her greatness. Sixty years of Nigeria independence has really been tempestuous; from the short lived democracy to a brutish military rule and finally to the democracy laced with gigantic corruption and abuse of power. If there is any progress we have made as a country, it is on areas that are mind-troubling.

It is on record that the sixty year old Nigeria, presided by Major General Muhammadu Buhari ranks 3rd on the Global Terrorism Index. The self acclaimed giant of Africa is ranked above India to be the World Poverty Capital with 87million in abject poverty. Nigeria of today ranks 146 most corrupt country out of 180 countries considered. Nigeria has a life expectancy ranking of 178 out of 192 ranked countries. The current life expectancy for Nigeria is 54.49 years. Nigeria is ranked 148 out of 164 in the overall Prosperity Index rankings. Nigeria currently has 10.5million out of school kids. Nigeria’s health care system ranked 187 out of 195 countries. Considering some germane indexes, Harvard University was not too wrong for adopting Nigeria as a case study for failed state. If a sixty year old still crawls, any celebration in respect of his birthday anniversary is a waste of resources and a crystal mockery.

Nigeria has lived all her life in deep regret, continuous setback, dilemma and avoidable political crisis due to sinisters at the helm of affairs from the time of her birth up till date. The question begging for an answer is how or why should a country with vast natural endowment suffer this level of dysfunctionality?
If indeed you love Nigeria as the only country we can call ours, it then becomes pertinent to objectively do an x-ray to know where she’s headed to. We cannot keep pretending and get blackmailed into celebrating a failed nation under the leadership of ineptitudes at different levels of government.

Until we can be sure that the country is on a progressive path, every October 1st should be declared a National Day of Rage. It should be more about fury over why nothing seems to work in a country rich in natural resources like ours. Politicians steal in billions aside earnings of six figures, let nobody tell you it is fine to be poor in Nigeria; nature favours our economy after all. What manner of disorder will keep a child crawling for sixty years?

Don’t get carried away by the unwarranted jamboree of the failed Nigeria at sixty. We need to reposition this country for a lofty height. Nigeria may have gained her independence from British rule, yet it is apparent her leaders have mapped out plans for the led to suffer for “600 years.” Until the country gets up on her feet as the giant of Africa, we must have our placards up for a resistance to be fooled into celebrating a disaster. A sixty year old child crawling is worrisome.

Seyi Oyetunbi


Right to protest is fundamentally backed by constitution, CORE tells police

The Coalition for Revolution has stated that the right to protest was a fundamental one guaranteed by the constitution of the country.
CORE said this in reaction to the ban on protest on October 1 by the Lagos State Police Command.
Different civic groups and bodies had slated a protest on the day to express anger at the degrading state of the country.
Baba Aye and Gbenga Komolafe, Co-conveners of CORE, said the group will go on with its scheduled protest and urged other civil society groups to embark on their respective protests.
“We want to make it clear that we remain undeterred and the protest cannot be stopped.
“When in our national anthem it is said “the Labour of our heroes past shall never be in vain” we remember clearly that the labour of real heroes of independence was struggle: protests that were not deterred by the colonialists repressive tactics.
“We salute Michael Imoudu, Raji Abdallah, Mokwugo Okoye, Margaret Ekpo, Mallam Aminu Kano, Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti, Nduka Eze, Baba Omojola, Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti, Wahab Goodluck.
“These and the thousands of working-class class people and youths who took to the streets and downed tools in the workplaces are the heroes of what was won 60 years ago but which was bastardized by the thieving elites who took over power.
“We take the liberation struggle forward towards our total and lasting self-emancipation. Come out one and all, rise and reclaim your dignity and win a better life. Down with all forces of oppression and their tools of repression.
“We call on all Nigerians not to succumb to intimidation. Our peaceful protests against the elites’ corruption, our state of poverty and underdevelopment of the country shall proceed as planned and the take off point remains the Gani Fawehinmi Park, Ojota in Lagos and at all points in our posters across every state of the federation. Take-off time in all the states’ capitals remains 8am prompt,” the statement reads.

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Group Urges US, UK, EU To Issue Visa Ban On IGP, DG SSS, Army Chief If Protesters Are Harassed, Arrested On October 1

Concerned Nigerians Group has called on the United States, United Kingdom and European Union to issue visa ban on the Inspector-General of Police, Director General of the Department of State Services, Chief of Army Staff and other heads of security agencies.
Coordinator of the group, Comrade Deji Adeyanju, made the disclosure in a statement on Wednesday.
According to Adeyanju, security agencies have criminalised the act of protest, an otherwise constitutional right in an attempt to shield the government of the day from criticism.
He said, “It is no longer news that Nigeria is increasingly becoming a repressive state, and the security agencies have surrendered their constitutional responsibility and made themselves a tool in the hands of the government. These security agencies have criminalized the act of protest, an otherwise constitutional right, in an attempt to shield the government of the day from criticism.
“Sadly, the Nigerian judiciary has not been able to stand up and be counted. The citizens are, therefore, left at the mercy of state actors who have developed the penchant for indiscriminately arresting protesters.
“As members of the civil societies get ready to lead a citizen movement against bad governance in Nigeria, tomorrow, it is imperative to call on the United States of America, United Kingdom and the European Union to place visa ban on any member of the security agency who makes himself available to the government of the day, tomorrow, for the purpose of suppressing the protesters. This visa ban should equally be extended to their family members.
“This call is made with deep sense of responsibility, as it appears that the only wedge between state actors in Nigeria and totally authoritarianism is visa ban.”

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Federal Government Colleges to reopen Oct. 12

Federal Government Colleges have been given the green light to reopen.
This follows the further easing of the lockdown imposed on the country following the spread of COVID-19 in the country.
Schools were ordered shut by the Federal Government in March in the bid to curtail the spread of the virus.
When the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 okayed the reopening of schools by states, it said those under its control will remain closed. The PTF, headed by the Secretary to the
Government of the Federation, Boss Mustapha, said the government was not comfortable enough to allow schools to reopen, warning state governments to ensure maximum compliance in order not to allow the spread of the pandemic among students.
However, according to online news paper, The Eagle Online the Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu, has told heads of the various Federal Government-owned schools that they could reopen.
According to a message sent to a parent of one of the Federal Government Colleges, Adamu said they could reopen on October 12, 2020.
This means those in boarding houses are to resume on October 11, 2020.
The message has it that the Federal Ministry of Education has advised the schools to strictly observe the COVID-19 protocols upon resumption.
As part of the directives by Adamu to the schools, those that did not conclude second term before the hurried closure in March are to do so.
They are then to immediately commence third term.
Adamu said the schools are to conclude their third term in December.
With the reopening of the Federal Government Colleges, expectations are that federal universities will also resume in a matter of days.


Burna Boy rejects Sowore’s invitation to join protest

Burna Boy has turned down an invitation by convener of the RevolutionNow protest, Omoyele Sowore, to join the march planned for 1 October.
In inviting Burna Boy, Sowore said Burna Boy is usually compared to legendary musician and revolutionary, Fela Anikulapo Kuti.
He also said even the foreign media celebrate and compare him to Fela, but he is yet to lead any protest.
Burna Boy, however, flatly rejected the request.

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Celebrating October 1st under your government is like celebrating Boko Haram, Banditry, Killings, Hardship — Ango Abdullahi to Buhari

Chairman of Northern Elders Forum, Prof. Ango Abdullahi, could not be dragged into speaking about Nigeria’s 60 years independence anniversary, saying there was nothing to be said that had not been said.
October 1, 2020 will mark 60 years when Nigeria secured its independence from the British and became a sovereign nation.
Abdullahi, a former Vice Chancellor of the Ahmadu Bello University and fierce critic of the President Muhammadu Buhari administration, said on Monday that he had become weary of speaking out for change because the government does not take advice.
“I was reading somewhere that the government said the celebration would be spread across 12 months. I wish them luck. I have been talking and everything that needed to be said has been said.
“Honestly, I have nothing to say again. This government is averse to any advice, it doesn’t listen,” he said.
But he took a swipe at the leadership of the Nigerian Labour Congress and the Trade Union Congress which had promised a nation-wide strike action to force government to reverse the electricity and fuel price.
“I hear they have called off the strike. They have suspended the problem for now. This Labour is very corrupt. The corrupt Labour leaders have reached an agreement with their corrupt counterpart in government. Goodluck to them,” he stated.
In a statement released in June, the Northern Elders Forum had blasted the Buhari government for its alleged failure to tackle rising insecurity in the country.
The statement signed by Prof. Abdullahi, said the government had “lost control” to bandits and terrorists, had “woefully failed” to turn around the economy.

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The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has adopted strategies to be implemented at Orientation Camp for the smooth conduct of the orientation activities when camp reopen.

National youth service Corps – NYSC

Corps members in 2020 Batch ‘A’ Stream 1 and Prospective Corps members should take note these ‘NYSC strategies for the resumption of Orientation Camp’ below. Read We Are On the Verge of Reopening Camp – NYSC Management.

Before we show you the NYSC adopted strategies for the resumption of camp. Recall that the NYSC Director-General, Brig. Gen. Shauibu Ibrahim recently said that number of Corp Members that will be posted to camp will be between 600 to 700.

Before Covid19, NYSC used to post up to 3,000 Corps members to a camp, but now the number will be scaled down from 600 to 700.

This means going for NYSC will now be as difficult as getting a job due to high number of graduates that will be competing. To be among the lucky ones, you need the right information, and the only way you can get information is by visiting daily for NYSC news updates.
NYSC strategies for resumption of Orientation Camp

Below is the NYSC of orientation camp preparatory timetable;
Pre-orientation Course Activities

  1. Decontamination of habitats areas in camp, in addition to strict observance of physical distancing, regular handwashing, avoidance of face touching, sensitising all members of the camp community on cough etiquette (hygiene) and enforcement of the use of face mask.
  2. Rearrangement of beds for Corps members to allow for two meter spacing as provided for in the Covid19 safety protocol.
  3. Temperature testing at the point of entry to camps for Corps members, and all other members of camp community. Trained personnel to be engaged on this score.
  4. States using schools as temporary orientation camps should start liaising with their respective state governments immediately as such schools would be eager to resume after the lifting of restrictions.
  5. Camp Market operators should be sensitized on Covid19 protocols, and their number scaled down to allow for physical distancing.
  6. Call-up letters of prospective Corps members shall include all protocols on Covid19 prevention.
  7. Reduction in the number of Corps participants during each orientation exercise, to free-up space and make for physical distancing.
  8. Period of registration to be extended to effectively manage the crowd. This is to ensure that there are no large gathering during the registration period.
  9. Key camp officials are to be trained by NCDC on infection prevention and control (IPC), who will in turn step down the training to other camp officials and corps members.
  10. Residents consultants from Federal Tertiary Health Institutions are to train Corps medical personnel on management of suspected cases of covid19 on camp.
    In Camp Activities
  11. Restriction of movement during the orientation course, excepting only very essential personnel.
  12. Compulsory use of face masks by all orientation course participants.
  13. Introduction of e-learning for some lectures in the camp, the number of lectures to be scaled down to accommodate only very essential ones. Other lectures to be held virtually.
  14. Hand washing stand and hard sensitizers must be made available at various points in camp.
  15. There must be strict adherence to social distancing in all camp activities. A committee comprising NYSC officials, representatives of collaborating agencies in camp, and corps members should be constituted, to monitor compliance with the Covid19 protocols.
  16. Many service points should be created for activities, where corps members are expected to queue up e.g. registration, issuance of kits, collection of meal, payment of allowance, etc.

Accordingly, State/FCT coordinators are required to strengthen camp preparations for safe orientation exercises.

There must be effected liaison with the relevant agencies in the State/FCT to ensure adherence to the implementation of the strategies.

Area Directors are to monitor and report on the level of compliance with the strategies, please.


Fearless Islamic Scholar Says There Is No Boko Haram But Boko Business

The famous and fearless Islamic Scholar, who has spoken out against attacks and terrorism in Nigeria, said in his lecture that there were traitors among the security forcesi and other high-ranking people in the country.
He said as soon as they saw a person trying to help the poor, they would try to destroy him. He cite an example with the Governor of Borno State, Professor Babagana Zullum how he have been attacked several times by those bad people. He also added that there are some soldiers who were very talented and hardworking soldiers for peacekeeping, that is why they have been eliminated.
He said there was a lack of trust in society at the moment, adding that the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) had said that at the end of the world there would be less trust in the society.
He said if the government was helping the families of soldiers who had died on the battlefield, as Governor Zulum had done for the families of a soldier who died just recently, the army would have been more encouraged.
Lastly, he says there is no Boko Haram but Boko Business.
Details later…

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UNIJOS student wins Osun covid-19 essay competition

A student of the University of Jos, Oyelakin Oyekunle , has emerged overall winner of Tunde Olatunji COVID- 19 essay competition .
At the presentation ceremony held in Osogbo , Oyekunle went home with a laptop while the best ten entries at the competition received certificate of participation .
Speaking during the presentation of the prizes , the promoter of the competition , Mr Tunde Olatunji , who represents Ife North State Constituency in the Osun State House of Assembly, explained that he sponsored the competition because of the need to interrogate the challenges thrown at human race by the coronavirus pandemic .

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N2.67b ‘School Feeding’ Fund Uncovered In Private Accounts

Up to N2.67 billion meant for school feeding during lockdown has been uncovered in personal bank accounts, the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) said Monday.
The Chairman of ICPC, Prof. Bolaji Owasanoye, said this in his keynote address at the second National Summit on Diminishing Corruption with the theme: “Together Against Corruption and the launch of the National Ethics and Integrity Policy” held at the Council Chambers of the Presidential Villa, Abuja.
Prof. Owasanoye, who said the payment was made to some federal colleges, also revealed that over N2.5 billion was appropriated by late senior civil servant in the Ministry of Agric for himself and cronies.
The commission highlighted other assets recovered in the Agric ministry to include 18 buildings, 12 business premises and 25 plots of land.
He said under Open Treasury Portal review carried out between January to August 15, 2020, out of 268 Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) 72 of them had cumulative infractions of N90 million. He said while 33 MDAs tendered explanations that N4.1 billion was transferred to sub-TSA, N4.2 billion paid to individuals had no satisfactory explanations.
According to Owasanoye, “We observed that transfers to sub-TSA was to prevent disbursement from being monitored. Nevertheless, we discovered payments to some federal colleges for school feeding in the sum of N2.67 billion during lockdown when the children are not in school, and some of the money ended up in personal accounts. We have commenced investigations into these finding.”
The ICPC boss also said under its 2020 constituency and executive projects tracking initiative, 722 projects with a threshold of N100 million (490 ZiP and 232 executive) was tracked across 16 states.
He noted that a number of projects described as ongoing in the budget were found to be new projects that ought to have been excluded in order to enable government complete existing projects.
He also observed absence of needs assessment resulted in projects recommended for communities that do not require them being abandoned; projects sited in private houses on private land thus appropriating common asset to personal use, hence denying communities of the benefit; absence of synergy between outgoing project sponsors and their successors.
Owasanoye added that the commission also found that uncompleted projects sponsored by legislators who do not return get abandoned to the loss of the community and the state; use of companies owned by sponsor’s friends or relatives or companies belonging to civil servants in implementing MDAs to execute projects which are abandoned or poorly performed; conspiracy between legislative aides of sponsors and implementing MDAs and contractors to undermine quality of project without knowledge of the sponsor; vague project description that result in diversion of funds by implementing MDAs or project sponsor with collusion of contractors and absence of community ownership of project because they were not consulted or largely ignorant of projects allocated to them.
Prof Owasanoye said in education sector, 78 MDAs were reviewed and common cases of misuse of funds were uncovered.

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Three policemen have lost their lives in a crash that occurred on the Benin-Ore Expressway in Ondo State while returning from a national assignment in Edo State.
PUNCH Metro gathered that the policemen were on their way home following the conclusion of the governorship election in Edo State when the vehicle conveying them and their colleagues to Lagos State was involved in an accident in Ore, Ondo State.
While their colleagues survived, with some sustaining varying degrees of injury, the corpses of the three policemen were recovered from the scene of the accident.
The corpses were said to have been deposited in the Ore General Hospital’s mortuary.
It was learnt that the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu, on Sunday, September 13, 2020, deployed 1,000 policemen to complement the personnel deployed in Edo State by the Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu.
A policeman, who was in the vehicle and spoke on condition of anonymity, said he and his colleagues spent a week in Edo State for the election and had completed their assignment and were on their way back to their stations in Lagos when the accident, which claimed the lives of the officers, occurred last Sunday.
He said, “An accident claimed three policemen while on our way back from election duties in Edo State last Sunday, September 20, 2020. One of the victims was Corporal Oluwafemi Adeyanju, an indigene of Ondo State, where the accident occurred. The other two policemen were inspectors. I was also deployed in Edo State for the election and we had completed the national assignment and were coming home when the accident happened in Ore and three of my colleagues were killed.
“Apart from the three policemen, who died on the spot, others sustained varying degrees of injury. The family of Adeyanju has gone to claim his remains and buried him in his home town of Akure; we don’t know about the rest of the victims. When we were departing for Edo State, more than 80 buses parked outside the gate of the police command’s headquarters in Ikeja and conveyed us to Edo State.”
Another policeman, who also spoke on condition of anonymity, told PUNCH Metro that the government abandoned them after completing their assignment in Edo State, adding that all the policemen deployed in the state for the election had to find their way back home by themselves.
He said, “We left the command headquarters around 2pm on Sunday, September 13, 2020, and spent a week before the election on Saturday, September 19, 2020, and we returned on Sunday. It was the Federal Government that was responsible for our transportation to Edo State, but we were abandoned after the completion of the assignment and had to return back to base by ourselves.
“I paid my transport fare back home, because I couldn’t remain in Edo State and I thank God that I travelled for the assignment and returned home safely. It was not a small journey; out of the 1,000 policemen deployed in Edo State, only three could not make it back home and some others got injured. The police authorities should find a way to honour their sacrifice while serving the nation.”
Adeyanju, popularly known as Two Sure, was said to be 35-year-old and was reportedly survived by his wife, children, sisters and aged father.
When contacted, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, said he would get back our correspondent but had yet to do so as of the time of filing this report despite repeated calls and a text message sent to his mobile telephone line.

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NYSC Working In Harmony With PTF To Reopen Orientation Camps – DG

The Director-General, National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Brigadier-General Shuaibu Ibrahim has assured young Nigerians eagerly waiting to be mobilized for the National Service to exercise patience.
According to the DG, efforts are ongoing with the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19 on safe Orientation Camp resumption, saying that NYSC is on the verge of reopening the camps.
Brigadier-General Ibrahim, in a statement on the official Facebook of the scheme, conveyed his deepest appreciation to all Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) who have been at home in the past six months, waiting to be mobilised to the NYSC Orientation Camps nationwide for the commencement of the national service.
The DG said, “It is very important to state that nobody anticipated the sad disruption of the operations of the Scheme, and other national programmes arising from COVID-19, a global challenge threatening over two hundred countries.
“The long period of waiting, no doubt has been quite challenging and frustrating as it seemingly constitutes a big drawback to all your planned actions for the year.
“However, as NYSC management salutes your courage and tenacity, in spite of the challenges posed by the global pandemic, an English maxim says: it is better to be late than the late. Discretion is the better part of valour.”
Ibrahim noted that the action taken by the Federal Government by shutting down the operations of so many institutions, cutting across the various spheres of our economy was to primarily to safeguard the lives of citizens which is the core responsibility of Governments the world over.
He assured, “ We can say delightfully that we are approaching the end of the tunnel, and in no distant time will resume full operations while strictly observing safety protocols.
He urged corps members to prioritise their well-being by adhering strictly to COVID-19 safety protocols such as frequent washing of hands with soap under running water, use of face mask, two metre-social distancing and use of alcohol-based hand sanitisers.
Speaking on the need to reopen higher institutions in the country, Dr Tunde Moses Elebute, a private school proprietor and member of the Association for Formidable Educational Development (AFED) said if the Federal Government gives the nod to reopen varsities nothing should stop the NYSC camps from opening.
“They are graduates. They are adults. But, all the camps should be well fumigated. There should be banners everywhere on COVID-19. They should give them proper orientation on COVID-19. They should create several spots where the corps members can collect whatever they want to avoid overcrowding.” He said.
Reassuring the government that mobilized corps members would cope, Elebute emphasised, “They are adults and they are our future leaders. They have been living in the country, going to markets, entering buses and interacting with people.
We should not continue to hold ourselves down forever because of COVID-19. God has blessed Africa that COVID-19 is not spreading fast here. We could not have contained it if it had happened as it did in the advanced countries. Together, we shall triumph,” he stated.

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Photonews: Uniosun announces resumption date


Why We Called Off Planned Strike – Organized Labour Committee

A Bipartite Meeting between the FGN and the two Labour Centres – Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC),
Having been convened at the Banquet Hall, State House, Abuja to discuss emerging labour issues arising from recent cost – reflective Electricity Tariff adjustments and deregulation of the downstream sector of the Petroleum Industry,
Recognizing the public outcry and protest over the recent Federal Government twin policies on Electricity Tariff Reform and full implementation of deregulation of the downstream sector of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry resulting in the planned nation-wide industrial action by Organised Labour,
Bearing in mind the spiral and negative impact of COVID-19 pandemic on world economy,
Further bearing in mind that due to impact of COVID-19 pandemic the world is undergoing socio-economic transition which has affected price stability, sustainability of enterprises, employment, and other socio-economic indices,
Acknowledging that the spiral and negative impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the global economy has given rise to the need for a new socio-economic order,
Recognising the need to sustain enterprises for retention and creation of jobs as well as sustainable growth and development,
Acknowledging the need for social concertation between the Federal Government and workers’ representatives, namely the two Labour Centres – The NLC and TUC,
To aid in the dialogue and communication, the Federal Government side made presentations to show the state of economy and the drive behind the recent cost – reflective Electricity Tariff adjustments and deregulation of the downstream sector of the Petroleum Industry,
Bipartite meeting to address and resolve the issues in dispute between the FG and Labour Centres were held on September 15, 24, and 27, 2020,
After exhaustive deliberations on the issues raised by Labour Centres, the FGN stated that it has fashioned out palliatives that would ameliorate the sufferings that Nigerian workers may experience as a result of the cost – reflective Electricity Tariff adjustments and deregulation of the downstream sector of the Petroleum Industry. The palliatives will be in the areas of transport, power, housing, agriculture and humanitarian support.
After thorough debates and negotiations on various issues raised by all parties, the following resolutions were reached and mutually adopted:
The parties agreed to set up a Technical Committee comprising Ministries, Departments, Agencies, NLC and TUC, which will work for a duration of two (2) weeks effective Monday 28th September 2020, to examine:
the justifications for the new policy in view of the need for the validation of the basis for the new cost reflective tariff as a result of the conflicting information from the fields which appeared different from the data presented to justify the new policy by NERC;
metering deployment, challenges, timeline for massive roll – out.
The Technical Committee membership is as follows:
Mr Festus Keyamo, SAN – Hon. Minister of State Labour & Employment – Chairman
Mr Godwin Jedy-Agba – Hon. Minister of State Power – Member
Prof. James Momoh – Chairman National Electricity Regulatory Commission – Member
Engr. Ahmad Rufai Zakari – SA to Mr. President on Infrastructure – Member/Secretary
Dr. Onoho’Omhen Ebhohimhen – Member (NLC)
Comrade Joe Ajaero – Member (NLC)
Comrade Chris Okonkwo – Member (TUC)
1no. Representative of DISCOS – Member
The Terms of Reference (ToR) are as follows:
To examine the justification for the new policy on cost – reflective Electricity Tariff adjustments.
To look at the different Electricity Distribution Company (DISCOs) and their different electricity tariff vis-à-vis NERC order and mandate.
Examine and advise Government on the issues that have hindered the deployment of the six million meters.
To look into the NERC Act under review with a view to expanding its representation to include organized labour.
The Technical sub – committee is to submit its report within two (2) weeks. During the two weeks, the DISCOs shall suspend the application of the cost – reflective Electricity Tariff adjustments.
The meeting also resolved that the following issues of concern to Labour should be treated as “stand – alone” items:
The 40% stake of Government in the DISCO and the stake of workers to be reflected in the composition of the DISCO’s Boards.
An all-inclusive and independent review of the power sector operations as provided in the privatization MOU to be undertaken before the end of the year 2020, with Labour represented.
That going forward, the moribund National Labour Advisory Council (NLAC) be inaugurated before the end of the year 2020 to institutionalize the process of tripartism and socio dialogue on socio – economic and major labour matters to forestall crisis
Consequent upon the critical review of the various challenges of the downstream sector of the Nigeria oil and gas industry vis a vis the incalculable losses associated with a subsidy regime the Country has been incurring in terms of, stifled growth in the downstream sector, diminished human capital development and massive financial leakages and flight. This is in addition to the dire financial circumstances of the Federation that precludes any ability to sustain any subsidy on PMS and making deregulation of PMS inevitable. Consequently, the Parties agreed to the following:
All parties agreed on the urgency for increasing the local refining capacity of the nation to reduce the overdependency on importation of petroleum products to ensure energy security, reduce cost of finished products, increase employment and business opportunities for Nigerians.
To address (1) above, NNPC to expedite the rehabilitation of the nation’s four refineries located in Port Harcourt, Warri and Kaduna and to achieve 50% completion for Port Harcourt by December 2021, while timelines and delivery for Warri and Kaduna will be established by the inclusive Steering Committee.
To ensure Commitment and transparency to the processes and timelines of the rehabilitation exercise, the management of NNPC has offered to integrate the national leadership of the Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) and Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association (PENGASSAN) into the Steering Committee already established by the Corporation.
A Validation team comprising the representatives of the NNPC, Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (NEITI), Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission (ICRC), NUPENG and PENGASSAN will be established to monitor progress of the rehabilitation of the refineries and the pipelines/strategic depots network and advice the Steering Committee periodically.
Post rehabilitation, NNPC shall involve the PENGASSAN and NUPENG in the process of establishing the operational model of the Nation’s refineries.
The Federal Government will facilitate the delivery of licensed modular and regular refineries, involvement of upstream companies in petroleum refining and establishing framework for financing in the downstream sector.
NNPC to expedite work on the Build Operate and Transfer framework for the nation’s pipelines and strategic depots network for efficient transportation and distribution of Petroleum products to match the delivery timelines of the refineries as agreed.
The Federal Government and its agencies to ensure delivery of 1 million CNG/LPG AutoGas conversion kits, storage skids and dispensing units under the Nigeria Gas Expansion Programme by December 2021 to enable delivery of cheaper transportation and power fuel. A Governance Structure that will include representatives of organized Labour shall be established for timely delivery.
To cushion the impacts of the downstream sector deregulation and tariffs adjustment in the power sector, the Federal Government will implement the following:
A specific amount to be unveiled by the FGN in two weeks’ time will be isolated from the Economic Sustainability Programme Intervention Fund and be accessed by Nigerian Workers with subsequent provision for 240,000 under the auspices of NLC and TUC for participation in agricultural ventures through the CBN and the Ministry of Agriculture. The timeline will be fixed at the next meeting.
Federal Government will facilitate the removal of tax on minimum wage as a way of cushioning the impacts of the policy on the lowest vulnerable.
Federal Government will make available to organized labour 133 CNG/LPG driven mass transit buses immediately and provide to the major cities across the Country on a scale up basis thereafter to all States and Local Governments before December 2021.
Housing: 10% be allocated to Nigerian workers under the ongoing Ministry of Housing and Finance initiative through the NLC and TUC.
Consequently, the NLC and TUC agreed to suspend the planned industrial action.

Ayuba Wabba, mni Quadri Olalaye

Emmanuel Ugboaja Musa Lawal Ozigi, mni Secretary General NLC Secretary General TUC

Williams E. Akporeha Festus Osifo
NUPENG President PENGASSAN President

Martin Uzoegwu Chris N. Okonkwo
President NUEE President, SSAEAC

Timipre Sylva Festus Keyamo, SAN
Hon. Min. of State Petroleum Hon. Min. of State Labour & Employment

Alh Lai Mohammed Godwin Jedy-Agba
Hon. Min. of Information & Culture Hon. Min. of State Power

Sen. (Dr.) Chris Nwabueze Ngige, OON, MD.
Honourable Minister of Labour & Employment

Boss Mustapha
Secretary to the Government of the Federation

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Labour suspends planned strike as FG reverses electricity tariff hike

Again, Boko Haram attacks Zulum’s convoy, soldier injured

Buhari submits PIB to National Assembly, scraps NNPC, PPPRA in new bill

Present cracks may lead to Nigeria’s breakup, Osinbajo warns

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The Nation
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Labour calls off strike, FG suspends new electricity tariff for 2 weeks

TUC threatens to resume strike after 2 weeks

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FG lauds CAN’s roles in nation building

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Teamwork gives you the best opportunity to turn vision into reality. – John C. Maxwell


NLC, TUC suspend strike

This follows the agreement reached between the Federal Government and the organized labour during the meeting held by both parties which started on Sunday night and dragged on till the early hours of Monday morning.
The disclosure was made by the Minister of State for Labour and Employment, Festus Keyamo, through a tweet post on his twitter handle.
In the agreement between the Federal Government and organized labour, the hike in electricity tariff is to be suspended for a period of 2 weeks, while the new pump price of petrol is to remain unchanged.
According to the agreement, which was seen by Nairametrics, both parties agreed to set up a technical committee on Electricity Tariff reforms, comprising Ministries, Agencies, Departments, NLC and TUC, which will work for a duration of 2 weeks with effect from Monday, September 28, 2020, to examine the justification of the new policy in view of the need for the validation of the basis for the new cost-reflective tariff.
This is due to the conflicting field reports which appear different from the data presented to justify the new policy by NERC, metering deployment, challenges, timelines for massive rollout.
The technical committee is to be headed by the Minister of State for Labour and Labour, Festus Keyamo.
Other members of the committee include the Minister of State Power, Godwin Jedy-Agba, Executive Chairman, National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), James Momoh, Special Assistant to the President on Infrastructure, Ahmad Zakari as the Secretary.
Also in the committee are Onoho’Omhen Ebhohimhen, Joe Ajaero (NLC), Chris Okonkwo (TUC) and a representative of electricity distribution companies.
The terms of reference for the technical committee include;
To examine the justification for the new policy on cost-reflective electricity tariff adjustments.
To look at the different Electricity Distribution Companies (DISCOs) and their different electricity vis-à-vis NERC order and mandate.
Examine and advice government on the issues that have hindered the deployment of the 6 million meters.
To look into the NERC act under review with a view to expanding its representation to include organized labour.
FG & LABOUR reach agreement at 2:53am. Deregulation to stay as Govt rolls out palliatives for labour (details in 2 weeks); Electricity tariffs suspended by Govt for 2 weeks with a joint Committee headed by
@fkeyamo to examine the justification for the new policy. Strike suspended
— Festus Keyamo, SAN (@fkeyamo) September 28, 2020

Credit: NairaMetric


I’m afraid Nigeria may break up soon -VP Osibanjo

Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, on Sunday, admitted that Nigeria could be heading for a national break up if urgent action is not taken, collectively, to mend/address the identified cracks that could fasten the unfortunate break up.
Osinbajo said that, though, the task of mending the cracks could face severe opposition but it can only be achieved and diffused by consistent focus and prayers by Nigerians who desire more peaceful and prosperous Nigeria.
The Vice President who spoke through the Secretary to Government of the Federation, Boss Mustapha, at the 60th Independence Anniversary interdenominational church service held at National Ecumenical Centre, Abuja, on Sunday, made reference to the story of Nehemiah in the Bible, and his role in rebuilding the broken down walls of Jerusalem.
The service which was attended by representatives of the Senate President, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Head of Service of the Federation, Permanent Secretaries, Military officials, members of the diplomatic community and other senior government officials, provided opportunity for prayers, praises and cutting of anniversary cake.
Osinbajo in his remarks encouraged Nigerians to study the story of Nehemiah and replicate same in Nigeria for a better country. “The story should be a challenge to every Christian in Nigeria who is desirous of following the part of Christian way of life.
“It’s only that kind of Nehemiah’s love that will make us as Nigerians to rebuild the cracks we have in our walls (Nigeria) today. For us in Nigeria, Nehemiah should be taken as a metaphor for that Nigerians who either reside in Nigeria or outside, to cry to God to use the abandoned opportunities in Nigeria to address our challenges of nation building.
“Fortunately for us, our walls are not yet broken but there are obvious cracks that could lead to break if not properly addressed. Nehemiah started with fervent prayers, seeking the Face of God and pleaded with his king to allow him return to Jerusalem to rebuild the broken walls. Because wall signifies peace, security, contentment and prosperity. It signifies the essence of the state of the nation.
“There’s urgent need for Nehemiah in our country, Nigeria, today. And like Nehemiah faced opposition in his efforts to rebuild the walls, any Nigerian that desire to rebuild Nigeria must also be ready to face stiffer opposition which will come in torrents. It can only be diffused by consistent focus and prayers.”
Osinbajo was, however, optimistic that the 60th independence anniversary could herald a rebirth of Nigerian nation, and “no group is more prepared for this task than our religious bodies.”
He, thus charged the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) to provide quality leadership to its faithful and properly guide them in making Nigeria a great country that it has been destined to be.
CAN President, Dr. Samson Ayokunle, in a sermon stressed the need for justice which, he said, will birth peace, tolerance and love.
He said: “A nation that is religiously plural like ours require love in practice so as to co-exist without fighting one another. What is sane in using the name of God or hide under the cloak of religion to kill a fellow human? If God wants all of us to be of one ethnicity, race or religion doesn’t he have the power to do it? Why do we want to play God and wickedly terminate the lives of others in account of religion?.
“Nigeria is blessed with abundant human and material resources located in different parts of this country. This underscores the indispensability of all the regions and ethnic groups.
“For us all to be on the same page, have sense of belonging and be happy, the doctrine of equality, that is equal access to employment, governance and education, must be available to all. The principle of inclusivity must be adopted. Nobody or region must be excluded from the scheme of things in Nigeria.
“We must not allow exclusion in any form to manifest in our national life because that would be dangerous for our pilgrimage or voyage together. All ethnic and religious groups must be given equal opportunity in the way we do things, otherwise, why should I remain where I was not recognized or where I was cheated? Will I not rather go on my own way?.
“Why should I be denied access to build my place of worship in any region of the country by government official?. Why should my child be denied the opportunity to study any particular course in any university after he or she has passed the required examination on account of the child’s religion or ethnicity. Ethnicity is ascribed, it is divinely conferred, not achieved by the individual.

Credit: PressExpress


Laycon emerges winner of the BBNaija Lockdown edition 2020

Big brother Naija housemate and top finalist, Laycon has emerged the winner of the Lockdown edition 2020.
Laycon was declared the winner of the 2020 lockdown edition of the show on Sunday after he beat other housemates with the highest number of votes from viewers.


BREAKING: Again, Boko Haram attacks Zulum’s convoy

The convoy of Borno State Governor , Prof. Babagana Zulum , was again attacked on Sunday morning around Baga .
The latest attack , which recorded no death , happened when the convoy was returning to Maiduguri .
The PUNCH gathered that the attack happened around 10 .30 am on Sunday , about two kilometers away from Baga .
The convoy , according to some of the people who returned to Maiduguri on Sunday evening from the tour, was shot at by suspected Boko Haram terrorists .
One of them , said , “ There was no death recorded this time around except some minor injuries .

Credit: PressExpress


Nationwide Strike: Shehu Sani calls for massive participation by Nigerians

As the organized labour prepare for a massive national industrial action to protest the recent hike in PMS price as well as the increase in electricity tariff.
Nigerians have been called upon to come out en masse and participate fully in the national strike in order to force the federal government to reverse the price and tariff.
The call for action was made by a former Senator in the 8th National Assembly from Kaduna State, Senator Shehu Sani while speaking at the commissioning ceremony of the Secretariat of the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics, Federal Polytechnic Bauchi chapter.
The outspoken Senator Shehu Sani said that massive participation of Nigerians in the strike became necessary as the move was for the interest of all Nigerians as well as for the future of the country.
The ASUP Secretariat which was named after late Senator Ali Wakili a Senator in the 8th National Assembly, Senator Shehu Sani noted that, the late lawmaker has worked assiduously towards ensuring good governance, justice and advancement of democracy in Nigeria.
The activist cum politician said that, “In the next few days, the Nigerian Labour Congress will be launching a national protest and strike on behalf of them I call on each and every one of you to respect the strike, because it is for all Nigerians and for the future of the country and it is a strong challenge to the leadership that have forgotten how they came into office.”
He added that, ” I thank the leadership of ASUP in this Polytechnic for recognizing the contribution of late Ali Wakili, the person who worked assiduously for the development of our country and one who have suffered a lot in the hands of people who presided over the affairs of Bauchi state in the past.”
Shehu Sani added that, “It is a honor and privilege for me to be here invited to witness the first attempt made by a group of academics to honor Distinguished Senator in the person of late Ali Wakili. I am here as his colleague in the 8th National Assembly.”
On the forthcoming celebration of the 60th Independence Anniversary of Nigeria, the former Senator stressed the need for all hands to be on deck to tackle the numerous challenges confronting the country and militating against its development.
The former Senator also said that, “In the next few days, Nigeria will be 60 years as an independence nation and it is a time for us to appreciate and carefully analyze the successes, failure and the challenges we faced as a nation and as a people.”
“If you look back to history to the manifestos of politicians in the pre-independence Nigeria, their campaigns have been always on infrastructure, light, water and education and I believe in 2023, the campaign of the next politicians will be on the same issues. I think we should accept the fact that, Nigeria is not where is supposed to be, where our aspirations and needs as people have not been made by our leaders,” he further said.

Credit: PressExpress


NLC Insists On Strike, Gives FG 12 Midnight To Reverse Fuel, Electricity Hike

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), has insisted on going ahead with its proposed strike action on Monday, and has given the Federal Government until 12 midnight to reverse the recent increase in electricity tariff and the removal of petrol subsidy.
The NLC took the decision, following a closed-door meeting with Femi Gbajabiamila, Speaker of the House of Representatives on Sunday.
Gbajabiamila had met with representatives of NLC at the National Assembly Complex in Abuja, in an attempt to mediate between the Organised Labour and the federal government, with the former insisting on an industrial action.
Briefing journalists after the meeting, Ayuba Wabba, the NLC President, said the proposed strike by the union will proceed unless the government addresses the issues.
Reacting to the court order restraining the NLC from downing tools, Wabba said the organisation has not been served with the order and cannot speak on it.
He, however, noted that there is a judgement of a Federal High Court stopping the increase of electricity tariff, which the federal government has refused to obey.
According to him, the proposed strike will only fail to hold if the govt makes a u-turn before 12 midnight on Sunday.

Credit: PressExpress


Togo Prime Minister, Klassou steps down

Togo’s prime minister and his government have resigned, the West African nation’s presidency said late Friday.
President Faure Gnassingbe congratulated prime minister Komi Selom Klassou and his team for their “economic, political and social efforts and the encouraging results despite the health crisis around the world”, a statement on the presidency’s official website said.
Togo has been due for a political reshuffle since Gnassingbe was reelected in February for a fourth term in office, but changes were delayed by the coronavirus pandemic.
The president’s election win, which came after a constitutional change allowing him to run, extended more than a half-century of dynastic rule over the former French colony by the Gnassingbe family.
The victory was disputed by the main opposition challenger, who has faced official harassment in the wake of the vote.
The president has led the country of eight million people since taking over in 2005 following the death of his father Gnassingbe Eyadema, who ruled for 38 years.
Klassou has served as prime minister since 2015.
Togo’s economy has been hit by the pandemic as the authorities have imposed restrictions to limit the spread of the virus.
The country has recorded 1,722 infections and 44 Covid-19 deaths.

Credit: Pm news


‘Jail me but set him free’ — foreign activist writes Buhari over teenager sentenced for blasphemy

Piotr Cywinski, director of Auschwitz Memorial in Poland, says he is ready to be imprisoned in Nigeria so that Umar Farouq, a 13-year-old boy sentenced for blasphemy, can regain freedom.
A Sharia court in Kano had convicted Farouq for “using disparaging language on Allah” during a disagreement with his friend.
In a letter dated September 25 and addressed to President Muhammadu Buhari, Cywinski sought pardon for Farouq.
He said if Buhari is unable to facilitate the teenager’s release, he and 119 volunteers would serve a month in a Nigerian prison on Farouq’s behalf.
“I permit myself to write to you personally about a young boy named Omar Farouq, who was convicted recently in a Sharia court in Kano State in north-west Nigeria after being accused of blasphemy used during an argument with a friend,” he said.
“I wish to request the pardon of this 13 year old boy. Regardless of what he said, he cannot be treated as fully aware and responsible, given his age.
“If it turns out that the words of this child absolutely require 120 months of imprisonment, and even you are not able to change that, I suggest that in place of the child, 120 adult volunteers from all over the world, gathered by us myself personally among them should each serve a month in a Nigerian prison.
“In total, the price for the child’s transgression will be the same, and we will all avoid the worst.
“If you agree to grant clemency, or to the above proposal in lieu of punishment, I will make an attempt to provide financial help for the boy’s proper education. This way, instead of a destroyed young man, Nigeria will gain an aware and educated young citizen.
“You will undoubtedly agree with the statement that human rights begin with the rights of the child. I kindly ask you to consider my proposal favorably.”

Credit: PressExpress


Five boys gang rape a 14-yr-old girl, give her N200

The Bauchi State Police Command have arrested five boys for allegedly raping a 14-year-old girl, at different times and occasion and afterwards, gave her N200, N500 respectively.
The suspects are; Sagir Ahmed, 22, Muhammed Tukur, 24, Haruna Baba Babayo, 32, Musa Dahiru, 30, and 24-year-old Bappah Garba.
The command’s spokesperson, DSP Ahmed Mohammed Wakil, in a statement on Friday, September 25, 2020, said all the suspects confessed to the crime. While the victim was taken to General Hospital Gamawa for medical attention.


Seven Policemen, Three Soldiers Killed As Boko Haram Terrorists Attack Borno Governor, Zulum’s Convoy

The convoy was heading to Baga town ahead of government’s planned return of internally displaced persons from Maiduguri when the incident happened.
The convoy of Governor Babagana Zulum of Borno State was again attacked on Friday by Boko Haram terrorists along the Baga Highway in the Northern part of the state.
The convoy was heading to Baga town ahead of government’s planned return of internally displaced persons from Maiduguri when the incident happened.
The attack comes barely two months after Zulum was attacked around the same axis by the insurgents on his way from Baga.
The area is believed to be dangerous and has recorded many abductions by the terrorist group in recent times.
A splinter group of Boko Haram sect, the Islamic State of West Africa Province, is believed to have a stronghold in the area.
Though SaharaReporters gathered that the governor was not part of the convoy as he travelled by helicopter but about three soldiers, seven policemen were killed while an unverified number of people were injured.
The attack, it was learnt, happened at about 12pm some kilometers away from the Multinational Joint Task Force headquarters in Baga.

Credit: PressExpress


All is not well with Nigeria, things are getting bad under Buhari – Obasanjo

“At over 94 years I am still here with you because of the grace of God and even though as an individual I am fulfilled, I regret to say that all is not well with the country. No thanks to the insecurity of life and property, worsening unemployment of abIe-bodied citizens leading to all manners of crimes, threatening famine which is a conspiracy between mother nature and the ravaging of the land by ever surging marauders and so on.
“I call on all concerned to quickly arrest all these before they tear the country apart. Beloved countrymen, this is not the Nigeria of my, nay our, dream,”.
“ I feel your sense of frustration. That you are saying this is not the Nigeria of my dream, the Nigeria I laboured for all my life or a seemingly hopeless Nigeria.
“I want to assure you that I have a vision of a new Nigeria. I see new understanding among Nigerians. New awareness among Nigerians, new realization among Nigerians.
“As long as there is life, there is no end to working for Nigeria. We have nothing else to do except to follow your examples.
“When the time comes, my prayer is that you will see Nigeria of your dream that you have laboured for, the Nigeria our founding fathers wished for. Not Nigeria without development and a nation without security. In your lifetime we will have Nigeria of your dream,” he stressed.

Credit: PressExpress


It is unfortunate that we keep electing irresponsible people as leaders — Jega laments

A former Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Prof. Attahiru Jega, has said that Nigeria cannot continue to allow bad people to govern or misgovern them and must therefore act proactively.
He said this on Friday in Abuja during the inauguration of a 35-man People’s Redemption Party (PRP) Policy Advisory Committee (PPAC).
According to Jega, who is a member of the committee, Nigeria’s political space needed cleansing, thus, every Nigerian must contribute own quota to ensure that.
“All hands must be on deck to sanitise Nigerians on the electoral process. I believe that all Nigerians can no longer sit on the fence as everybody needs to contribute to the cleansing of politics in Nigeria. There should be no fence-sitters; our future is at stake. We cannot allow bad people to continue to govern us or misgovern us and continue to wreck our country and its future,” he said.
He assured that he would help members of the committee to prepare position papers, policy criticisms and policy frameworks that would make PRP a strong political party that could win elections.

Credit: PressExpress


Aviation unions back labour strike, airports may not operate from Monday

Four aviation unions have backed the Organised Labour nationwide strike expected to commence on Monday .
The unions asked their members to withdraw services from all aerodromes nationwide indefinitely .
With this , airspace may not be open for operations from Monday .
This was confirmed to The PUNCH by the General Secretary of the National Union of Aviation Employees , Aba Ocheme .
He said , “ Sure . Airports will not operate from Monday . ”
The four aviation unions joining the strike are the National Union of Air Transport Employees , National Association of Aircraft Pilots and Engineers, Air Transport Services Senior Staff Association of Nigeria and the Association of Nigeria Aviation Professionals .

A statement from the unions on Friday read , “ As you are aware, the NLC and TUC have declared indefinite nationwide strike action with effect from Monday , September 28 , 2020 .
“ Our unions as above named are in full support of the strike action .
“ As such all workers in the aviation sector are hereby directed to withdraw their services at all aerodromes nationwide as from 00 hrs of 28 th September 2020 until otherwise communicated by the NLC /TUC or our unions . All workers shall comply . ”

Credit: Punch


This Was Me”, Man Who Was Once A Bus Conductor Shares Inspiring Success Story, Nigerians React

People say success comes to those who put in hard work. While being smart could also be a factor, the story of a Nigerian man with the Twitter handle @neldom2010 supports the fact that committed efforts contribute greatly to one’s life.
In a post on the micro-messaging platform on Tuesday, September 22, the young man quoting a tweet about a young bus conductor in Lagos state, said that he was also like him for four years to make ends meet.
According to him, between 2005 to 2009, he acted as a conductor to pay fees in secondary school. After that level, he worked harder in the same profession to pay for his WAEC and JAMB.
Just when you think he has done enough already, he added that while in the university, he was able to fund part of his 100 level fees with the job.
Like most grass-to-grace success stories go, he did not only make it, he is now about to finish his Masters of Business Administration (MBA).
The MBA student said that he also has a great job and a very promising future of possibilities.
His tweet quickly went viral and has over almost 7,000 likes as at the time of writing this report.