All is not well with Nigeria, things are getting bad under Buhari – Obasanjo

“At over 94 years I am still here with you because of the grace of God and even though as an individual I am fulfilled, I regret to say that all is not well with the country. No thanks to the insecurity of life and property, worsening unemployment of abIe-bodied citizens leading to all manners of crimes, threatening famine which is a conspiracy between mother nature and the ravaging of the land by ever surging marauders and so on.
“I call on all concerned to quickly arrest all these before they tear the country apart. Beloved countrymen, this is not the Nigeria of my, nay our, dream,”.
“ I feel your sense of frustration. That you are saying this is not the Nigeria of my dream, the Nigeria I laboured for all my life or a seemingly hopeless Nigeria.
“I want to assure you that I have a vision of a new Nigeria. I see new understanding among Nigerians. New awareness among Nigerians, new realization among Nigerians.
“As long as there is life, there is no end to working for Nigeria. We have nothing else to do except to follow your examples.
“When the time comes, my prayer is that you will see Nigeria of your dream that you have laboured for, the Nigeria our founding fathers wished for. Not Nigeria without development and a nation without security. In your lifetime we will have Nigeria of your dream,” he stressed.

Credit: PressExpress


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