Omoyele Sowore Renovates and Donates School Benches to Community High School in Ondo State

The African Action Congress (AAC) Presidential Candidate in the 2023 General Election, Omoyele Sowore made a significant contribution to education today by officially opening three newly renovated classrooms and donating 40 pairs of school benches to Community High School Kiribo.

The event, which took place on November 7, 2023, was a testament to Sowore’s commitment to improving educational facilities in his community.

This noble gesture follows Sowore’s previous visit to Community High School Kiribo in September, where he interacted with the students and took the time to teach integrated science, sharing a touching personal connection.

Sowore revealed that when he was a student at the school, his father served as his integrated science teacher, emphasizing the importance of quality education and community support.

The official opening of the renovated classrooms and the donation of school benches are part of Sowore’s ongoing efforts to empower local educational institutions and create a conducive learning environment for students in the area.

His dedication to the betterment of education in Ondo State is commendable and reflects his strong commitment to human rights and community development.

Community High School Kiribo and its students express their heartfelt gratitude to Omoyele Sowore for his generous contributions, which will undoubtedly have a lasting positive impact on the quality of education in the region.

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