Germany Considers Deportation of 14,000 Nigerian Immigrants

Chancellor Olaf Scholz has said Germany is set to deport no fewer than 14, 000 Nigerians who have been residing in the country for some time.

According to Peak News Nigeria, the German Chancellor made it known that a significant number of initial asylum applications from Nigerians in 2023, is with a comparatively low recognition rate.

Approximately 12,500 Nigerians are in a condition of tolerance in Germany as a result of the Nigerian government’s reluctance to admit people without the necessary identity documents.

Nigeria had long been one of the top 10 countries of origin for German asylum applicants, but recently, the proportion has begun to decline.

But the current spike in Nigerians filing initial asylum claims in 2023 has sparked worries. Nearly 14,000 Nigerians might be deported, and the great majority of them do not have the necessary identification cards, Peaks News added.

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