Nigerian teen gets 19 scholarship offers worth more than $5 million from the US and Canada

Victory Yinka-Banjo, a 17-year-old high school graduate, was offered more than $5 million dollars’ worth of scholarship money for an undergraduate program of study, according to admission documents and estimates of financial aid awards.
“It still feels pretty unbelievable. I applied to so many schools because I didn’t even think any school would accept me,” Victory told CNN, relishing her academic prowess.

Born to Nigerian parents, Chika Yinka-Banjo, a senior lecturer at the University of Lagos, and Adeyinka Banjo, a private sector procurement and supply chain executive, Victory was given potential full scholarships from the Ivy League schools, Yale College, Princeton University, Harvard College, and Brown University.

The teenager told CNN that her multiple scholarship offers “have made me stand taller, smile wider, and pat myself on the back more often.”

The teenager told CNN that her multiple scholarship offers “have made me stand taller, smile wider, and pat myself on the back more often.”

Other US scholarship offers included those from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Stanford University, Johns Hopkins University and the University of Virginia.

In Canada, Victory was offered the Lester B. Pearson scholarship from the University of Toronto and the Karen McKellin International Leader of Tomorrow (KMILOT) scholarship from the University of British Columbia.
“Their admissions processes are extremely selective,” Victory added. “They only accept the best of the best. So, you can imagine how, on a daily basis, I have to remind myself that I actually got into these schools. It is surreal!”

*Academic strides*
A senior prefect during her time in high school, Victory rose to national prominence in late 2020 after she scored straight As in her West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

Months earlier, the Nigerian teen had been rated as the “Top in the World” in English as a second language (speaking endorsement) by the University of Cambridge International Examination (CIE). Victory aced the Cambridge IGCSE exam — acquiring A* in all six subjects she sat for.

This 9-year-old has built more than 30 mobile games
Victory told CNN her remarkable achievements are borne out of hard work.
“They have made me truly feel proud about the hard work I have put into several areas of my life over the years. I am slowly beginning to realize that I deserve them,” she said.

The teenager remarked that her multiple scholarship offers “have made me stand taller, smile wider, and pat myself on the back more often.”

Victory said she hopes to study Computational Biology. However, she is still weighing up her options on which school to choose, having been wooed by many prestigious institutions.
“I am still doing research on some schools that are at the top of my list, like Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Duke, Johns Hopkins, and just trying to compare and contrast all of them thoroughly,” she told CNN.

An inspiration to Nigerian youth
Victory’s mother, Chika, says her daughter’s story could inspire other young Nigerians.
“It is noteworthy that she is not one of the Nigerian-Americans who often get into these schools because of their advantage of being born and bred in the US. She completed her secondary school here [in Nigeria]. It would be great if her story can be used to inspire the youths of our country,” she told CNN.

Victory credits her academic success story to faith, parental guidance and discipline. She currently spends some of her free time tutoring other university admission seekers — through the radio — on key subjects such as math, English language, biology, chemistry and physics.

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Angry youths shut down Benue, blast Buhari

Some youths on Friday shut down the city of Makurdi, in protest against incessant killings of innocent citizens by Fulani herdsmen.

The protesters comprise youths who are mostly students, tricyclists, motorcyclists and farmers.

Some of the protesters were seen with placards bearing various inscriptions such as “on ranching we insist,” “Buhari where is your conscience,” “Benue will not be silenced,” “Buhari, Nigeria is not a Federal Republic of Fulani and others.”

The protesters declared support for the Governor Samuel Ortom government, saying he cannot be intimidated.

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Crime Politics

House Of Reps Passes Fresh Buhari’s N1 trillion Loan Request To Buy Arms

Despite a humongous debt profile, the House of Representatives on Thursday passed an additional $1.5 billion and €995 million external loan requests of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The fresh loan is approximately N1 trillion at the official exchange rate.
The loan approval was granted after the chairman of the House Committee on Aids, Loans and Debt Management, Ahmed Dayyabu, urged the parliament to consider a report “on the request for the approval of external loans to finance the priority projects of the federal government and help to boast the military in fight against insurgency.

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Women Collapses While Fasting In Church, Dies In Lagos Hospital

The family of a woman, Joy Owoyele, is in grief after she died during a 14-day fasting in the Isheri Olofin area of Lagos State.

gathered that Owoyele had sought spiritual help regarding her matrimonial challenges at the Christ Apostolic Church, Ori-Oke Gbogunmi, aka Ajanpelenbe Mountain, located on Pipeline Road, Isheri Olofin.

She was said to have been placed on 14-day fasting and prayer, but on the 10th day, things took a tragic turn as she suddenly collapsed after the morning prayers inside the church.

When PUNCH Metro visited the church on Wednesday, the resident pastor, Alfred Sunday, said after Owoyele lost consciousness during the spiritual exercise, she was rushed to the Igando General Hospital for treatment, adding that she died in the process.

Sunday said, “She came for prayers and nothing more. Before the day of the incident, we held a vigil and she was fine. Her fasting was supposed to be for 14 days, but the incident happened on the 10th day. God is my witness, there is nothing hidden here.
“Her daughter, Oluwatise, was also with her in the church during the spiritual exercise and they always slept together. The incident happened around 7am. I was praying on the altar when one of the church members informed me that she had passed out.

“When I moved closer to assess her, I observed that she could not stand up and when I called her name, she answered faintly. We had to rush her to the Igando General Hospital for treatment, but she died.”

The pastor explained that he went to the Idimu Police Station to report the incident, adding that during investigation, the police detained him and the General Overseer of the church.

He stated, “When I reported the incident, the police took my statement and that of the victim’s daughter. But the General Overseer and I were detained for three days and the police also visited the church to conduct an investigation.
“But the family insisted on not pressing any charge and after the police investigation, we were released. I met with the woman’s family immediately after the incident and they accepted what happened as fate.
“During the spiritual exercise, she was fasting and praying, and usually broke her fasts with honey and water. But on the 10th day, she became very weak and we had to rush her to hospital to save her, but she died.

“After the incident, we insist that anyone embarking on fasting and prayer in the church must break with pap instead of honey and water that we usually use. Anyone who refuses won’t be allowed to embark on the spiritual exercise in the church.”

Further findings by PurpleWorld revealed that the family was making plans to convey the victim’s remains from the Yaba General Hospital mortuary to her hometown in Ekiti State for the burial rites.

A source, however, told our revealed that Owoyele had been fasting and praying on her own over her failed marriage before she sought spiritual help in the church.
“The woman’s daughter said she was in the habit of running from pillar to post in search of spiritual help so that her husband, who had abandoned her and her daughter for seven years, could return,” the source said.

When contacted, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Muyiwa Adejobi, said the circumstances surrounding Owoyele’s death were sudden and unnatural, adding that investigation was still ongoing.

Adejobi stated, “On Saturday, April 24, 2021, around 11.50am, one Alfred Sunday reported that one Joy Owoyele, 30, came to his church, CAC Ori-Oke Gbogunmi, aka Ajanpelebe Mountain, in Isheri Olofin, for prayers on April 14, 2021.
“Around 7am on the day of the incident, Owoyele fainted and was rushed to the Igando General Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.
“Detectives led by Inspector Bridget Edosa visited the scene, inspected the corpse and deposited it in the Yaba General Hospital morgue for autopsy. The case is under investigation.”

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Killings Will Continue In Benue Until Ortom Cooperate With Buhari —Garba Shehu

The President expresses his condolences to the families of our dear citizens who lost their loved ones in the recent spate of killings in Benue State.

Furthermore, he states that the rising levels of incidents, especially the killings and violence in various parts of the country calls for further collaboration with security agencies to curb its recurrence.

He also states his disappointment and sadness to hear Samuel Ortom, the Governor of Benue State make a litany of accusations against his person and his government of following the recent unfortunate incidents in the state.

No responsible government takes pleasure in such events as the killing of the military and that of innocent citizens taking refuge in an Internally Displaced People’s camp. President Buhari is deeply pained by the terrible acts of violence happening not only in Benue State but also in other parts of the country and expects that the law enforcement agencies will go to every possible extent to catch the perpetrators of these heinous acts and bring them to justice.

The lives of fellow citizens should not be desecrated by deploying them in political diatribe which unfortunately appeared to be the intent of the string of emotional attacks and blame laid at the doors of the President for those killings by Governor Ortom. President Buhari took an oath to defend the life and property of every citizen, a duty he takes seriously and is committed to ensuring.

Those citizens regardless of their affiliations, who either incite, sponsor or are proven to be abettors of these atrocities will face the law squarely and be answerable for their crimes against our fellow citizens and nation.
President Buhari continuously stresses that the strength of our country lies in our diversity in faith, culture, and traditions and attempts to sharpen the divide between northern and southern Nigeria, between Muslims and Christians, and between communities that have coexisted for centuries should be frowned upon and resisted. As Nigerians, we accuse colonial rulers of the policy of divide and rule. Today, it is our own leaders who put region against region, religion against religion, ethnic group against ethnic group and community against community.

The future of Benue State and indeed that of the entire country lies in harmony and the respect for law, order, and the constitution. It is the only way to achieve progress and development.

While the President will continue to keep security, police and the armed forces on their toes to be on top of their act in troubled parts of the country, the situation in the states will greatly be helped by everyone working together because that is the foundation on which progress and prosperity can be achieved.

Benue under the Ortom administration ought to cooperate with the Federal Government in the implementation of a number of national strategies programs in addressing underlying issues militating against peace, progress and development. This can still get done when the interest of the people is placed above all other interests. A government voted into office by the people, should treat the people as its masters and not as its servants.

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Nigeria ranked third most terrorised country in new 2020 report

The Global Terrorism Index (GTI) report for the year 2020 was published on Wednesday, November 25, revealing the impacts of terrorism across the globe, including Nigeria.

The GTI is published by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) and “provides the most comprehensive resource on global terrorism trends.”
Insecurity: Top 10 most and least terrorised countries in the world in 2020.

Top 10 most and least terrorised countries in the world in 2020.
In this piece, lists the top five most terrorised countries and the top five least terrorised countries, according to the report.

Top five most terrorised country

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Iraq
  3. Nigeria
  4. Syria
  5. Somalia
    Top five least terrorised country
  6. The Gambia
  7. Timor-Leste
  8. Togo
  9. Turkmenistan
  10. United Arab Emirates
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Amotekun, Oodua Peoples Congress, Vigilantes Arrest 6 Bandits In Oyo Forest With 183 Cows, Weapons, Cash

A statement by the commander of the Amotekun in the state, Col. Olayinka said the operation was carried out while on their joint routine patrol in the early hours of 29th of April, 2021 along two routes within the LGA.

Operatives of Oyo State Security Network Agency, popularly called Amotekun Corps in collaboration with Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC) and Vigilante Group of Nigeria (VGN) on Thursday morning apprehended six bandits at the Kajola Local Government Area of Oyo state.

A statement by the commander of the Amotekun in the state, Col. Olayinka said the operation was carried out while on their joint routine patrol in the early hours of 29th of April, 2021 along two routes within the LGA.

He said the suspects were arrested in separate incidents following encounters at two illegally mounted road blocks.
Olayinka said, “They tried to escape from the scene but were given hot pursuit by the operatives as they tried to evade arrest. We are still on the trail of others who managed to escape from the scene.”

Those arrested are: Awali Atine, Ibrahim Abu, Shuaib Balau, Ibrahim Musa, Abdullah Masika and Umar Aliu Masika.
All six of them were said to be of Fulani extraction and the arrest was carried out along Okeho-Ilua and Okeho-Iseyin Road around 4am on Thursday.

Olayinka further said the bandits’ modus operandi is to pretend like herdsmen in the day and violently robbed innocent passengers on the highways at night.
He said they were caught with 183 cows, weapons and a total sum of N268, 470.00.

He said they had been handed over to the Nigeria Police Authority, Okeho Divisional Headquarters, alongside the 183 cows, weapons and money found in their possession for further investigation.

He urged those with necessary information that could help law enforcement agencies in their investigation to cooperate and report to the nearest police authority for proper investigation.

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Niger communities buy motorcycles, sign N200M peace deal with bandits

Nigerian investigative journalist, Fisayo Soyombo revealed on twitter that some communities in Niger State have allegedly bought six Honda motorcycles worth N500,000 for Boko Haram terrorists in the region in order to make peace with them.

The journalist took to social media to reveal a shocking fact about how boko haram terrorists have been able to extort money amounting to N20 Million from communities in Niger State, as a way to ensure peace and safety from the terrorists.

The communities involved are said to be up to 65 communities in Niger State, trying to avoid a future raid by the insurgents by paying money as a form of tax or protection fine to them.

Recall that, the governor of Niger State, Abubakar Bello recently raised alarm saying that some of the communities in his state have been taken over by Boko haram insurgents and hoisted their flags, while the police spokesperson in the state said he can’t dispute the claims of the governor about insurgents.

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Local News

Tension in Osun Community as youth protest, ask Fulani herdsmen to vacate their land

Tension has rented atmosphere in Otan-Ile in Obokun local government area of Osun State as residents, mostly, youths on Wednesday took to the street to protest invasion of Fulani herdsmen into their and arrest of their members by police over death of some cows.

The youths on Wednesday moved round the community armed with banners and leaves indicating they were on protest.

Some of the inscriptions on their banners include, “Bororo must go”, our land is not safe”, “revolution is our priority”, among others.
InsightMedia gathered that the crisis started when some new herdsmen entered their community and were having disagreement with the farmers over invasion of their farmlands.

It was gathered that some cows were shot dead by yet-to-be-identified individuals and police have been arresting members of the community in connection with the killing of the cows. Some of those arrested by police were picked on their farms and in their homes.

Speaking with our Correspondent, one of the leaders of the protesting youths, Wasiu Sanusi said the youths in the community are fed up with the excesses of the Fulani herdsmen and the connivance with police. He told our Correspondent that the bullets removed from the cows were not local bullets but those of riffles.
“So we are baffled at the way the herdsmen are threatening us on our lands. They continue to use police to arrest our people, detain them and make them pay for bail for offences they know nothing about. Where would our people get riffles? What they use here is a local or dane guns and the bullets removed from cows are not local bullets.
“We have resolved that these people should vacate our community since of cohabitation is not working. We can’t be threatened on our lands and continue as if nothing is happening.” Sanusi said.

InsightMedia also gathered that the community leaders on Thursday converged at the town hall for meeting on way forward. Outcome of the meeting was still sketchy as at the time of filing this report.

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We Will Call For Buhari’s Impeachment If Security Resolutions Not Acted On – Lawmaker

The House of Representatives on Wednesday inaugurated a 40-man committee to find a solution to the country’s security challenges.

The Committee is set to hold a four-day security summit in May.
Speaking on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily, the lawmaker representing Jos South/Jos East Federal Constituency, Dachung Bagos said impeachment processes will be initiated if the summit’s resolutions are not acted upon by the Executive.
“If the Executive had implemented 30 percent of the resolution and advice the National Assembly has been giving, I can assure you we couldn’t have reached this level,” he said.

Instead, he added, the insecurity issue has been politicised by the Executive.
He described the summit as a “last resort.”
“After this summit, if nothing is done – brainstorming, spending resources to bring out solutions – if the Executive does not do anything after some months, then definitely we will call for the resignation of the President,” he said.
“We have the power to impeach the President if he can no longer secure the lives and properties of Nigerians.”

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Local News

FG declares Monday public holiday to mark workers’ day

The Federal Government has declared Monday, May 3, 2021, a public holiday to mark this year’s International Workers’ Day celebration.

The Minister of Interior, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, who made the declaration on behalf of the Federal Government, congratulated Nigerian workers for witnessing this year’s celebration.

He commended them for their patience, understanding and support in driving the policies and programmes of the regime of the President, Major-General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), “in its determination to move the country to the next level of socio-economic development.”

Aregbesola in a statement on Thursday by the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Interior, Shuaibu Belgore, called for more dedication and patriotism from all Nigerian workers and the labour unions, saying “the challenges of the moment will soon be over as the government is committed to the security of lives and property of all Nigerians.”

The statement was titled, ‘FG declares Monday, May 3, 2021 public holiday to mark 2021 workers’ day celebration.

The minister added, “Government is putting all strategies in place to curb the challenges of insecurity in the country. I therefore call on the labour force and all patriotic citizens to be fully committed to the task of putting insecurity to a permanent end as much as possible.”

Aregbesola wished all Nigerian workers a peaceful May Day celebration.


Villagers flee as bandits continue to launch attack on Benue communities

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Fr Mbaka makes U-turn, calls for Buhari’s impeachment

Catholic Priest and Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry, Enugu, Fr Ejike Mbaka, has called for the impeachment of President Muhammadu Buhari over the high level of insecurity in the country.
Mbaka said Buhari has failed Nigeria woefully and that he should resign now.

Speaking at the Adoration Ministry in Enugu, he wondered how Buhari will maintain grave silence despite the incessant killings in the country.
Mbaka explained that Nigerians are crying because they don’t have a Shepard and Buhari should resign or be impeached.

He also warned those who will attack him to desist, if not, they will face God’s wrath.
“Let me tell you; if it is in a civilized country, by now, President Buhari would have resigned with what is happening.”
“Nigerians are crying because there’s no security in the country, the House of Representatives should impeach the president if he doesn’t want to resign.”

Mbaka warned the lawmakers that should they fail to impeach the president and begin to attack him, something worse than what they can never imagine ”will happen to the members of the senate and House of Representatives.”

He emphasized that the nation cannot continue like this and prayed to God to change its leaders.
Mbaka also frowned at the activities of herdsmen that destroy the farmland of people without any repercussion.

He warned church leaders and Nigerians not to come after him because he supported Buhari earlier.
”A good coach cannot watch his players to be defeated when he has players sitting down on the bench. It is either Buhari resigns by himself or he will be impeached.
”This statement is too mysterious and supernatural, I know many people will begin to fight it, saying did you not pray for Buhari? Did samuel not anoint Saul? Am I the creator of Buhari? God created him, Nigerians supported him because he did well sometime. But now, how can people be dying and the chief security officer of the country will be sitting down without making any comment? Gunmen attacking people everywhere.”
“I pray that the church leadership will understand me as a messenger of God and not begin to attack me because the danger is going to affect the church.
“When gunmen begin to the strike inside the church, they will begin to kill one man of God or the other or even members of the church. Who will go to church again? The priests will lose their job, the Bishops will lose their jobs. So you better keep quiet or support what I’m saying,” Mbaka added.

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Boko Haram terrorists flaunts newly acquired armoured tanks and other weapons they captured from the Nigerian soldiers

Seems like the Nigerian army force are the weak one to this peak after the Nigerian based terrorist flaunted the armoured cars and troops they captured from the Nigerian soldiers hours they attacked their bureau on Sunday.

This arose after some unknown source leaked the news via all the social media platforms which spread within some seconds.

In the picture was seen some happy and proud Boko Haram terrorists enjoying their victories on the weapons they captured from the Nigerian soldiers.

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INEC Announces Date For 2023 General Elections

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has announced the date for the 2023 general elections in the country.

INEC Chairman, Prof Mahmood Yakubu made the announcement on Wednesday during a one-day public hearing on the National Electoral Offences Commission (Establishment) Bill 2021, organized by the Senate Committee on INEC.

According to the INEC boss, the 2023 general elections are exactly one year, nine months, two weeks and six days or 660 days from today.
“By the principle established by the Commission, the 2023 General Election will hold on Saturday 18th February 2023 which is exactly one year, nine months, two weeks and six days or 660 days from today,” he said.
“We hope to release the Timetable and Schedule of Activities for the General Election immediately after the Anambra Governorship election scheduled to hold on 6th November 2021.
“In order to do so, there should be clarity and certainty about the electoral legal framework to govern the election. We are confident that the National Assembly will do the needful in earnest.”

Yakubu noted that one of the numerous responsibilities carried out by the commission is the prosecution of electoral offenders, describing it as the most challenging duty for INEC.
He lamented the delay in the prosecution of electoral offenders has been one of the most challenging tasks for the commission since its establishment.

He added, “For instance, since the 2015 general election, 125 cases of electoral offences were filed in various courts out of which 60 convictions have been secured so far, including the most recent one in Akwa Ibom State.
“The commission would like to see more successful prosecution of offenders, not just of ballot box snatchers and falsifiers of election results but most importantly their sponsors.
“We look forward to the day when highly placed sponsors of thuggery, including party chieftains and candidates that seek to benefit from violations of the law, are apprehended. We believe that the work of the proposed Commission will help in this regard.”

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No Partnership Will Resolve Nigeria’s Security Situation – UK Govt

The British Government has told Nigerians that no partnership will resolve the security situation facing the country, describing the nation’s security challenges as massively complex.

The British Government, through the British Minister for Africa, James Duddridge, said whether it is Boko Haram insurgency or a number of other issues, it’s difficult to see the form of partnership that would resolve the multiplicity of the country’s problems.

Duddridge was fielding questions from newsmen in Abuja yesterday during his courtesy visit to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama.
“The situation is massively complex and no partnership is going to resolve the multiplicity of problems whether it is Boko Haram or a number of other issues,” Duddridge said.
“In the UK, you have a strong partner across the full gamut of issues. So, it’s not just about intelligence and hard security and military, it’s about societies, it’s about humanitarian support, it’s about education and development partnership.
“It is not an end game, we don’t get to a point where we would say ‘this is the end of our relationship with Nigeria’ because we got what we want, we set a higher bar, we’re long -term partners.” he said.

He said also recognised the role that Nigeria played in African, saying both Nigeria and the UK would deepen post-COVID-19 relations and work together to tackle climate change.
He also sought the need for both countries to realize the objectives of the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement.

Earlier, Onyeama had said Nigeria was dealing with very difficult challenges, especially the unconventional nature of the fight against Boko Haram insurgency and terrorism.
“It is asymmetrical warfare, and we’re dealing with very difficult situations. We have an intelligence fusion unit with our partners -the US, UK, France,’’ he said.

He said Nigeria was struggling with unemployment and high inflation level, but that the country was gradually overcoming the situation.
He commended the British Government for all the support given to Nigeria to tackle her numerous challenges, especially in the Northeast.

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APC has bright chances of ruling Nigeria beyond 2023, says Tinubu

Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Sen. Bola Tinubu, says the APC is loved by Nigerians and has bright chances of ruling the country beyond 2023.

Mr Tinubu stated this when he fielded questions from State House correspondents after a closed door meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

He also reassured Nigerians that President Buhari respects the Nigerian Constitution and would vacate office at the expiration of his tenure on May 29, 2023.

He said: “The chances are as bright as a midnight star and we will continue to work for a better Nigeria.
“We cannot interject politics and assumption in everything, we have a nation to build.
“We have a baton to pass. You can depend on Buhari that he will not spend one hour beyond his tenure. He will comply with the constitution.”
The APC chieftain also charged all well-meaning citizens to remain united in the wake of current security challenges confronting some parts of the country.

He said all Nigerians must put aside their religious, political or ethnic differences and cooperate with security agents to surmount the problem.
He said: “Yes, every nation will go through these curves and difficult times but how we communicate it to the people and what are the areas to make it easier for the people to bear, those are ideas we have to be able to exchange with the leadership of the country.
“It calls for coming together to reduce banditry, move for unity and be able to bring a better Nigeria to the people because the welfare of our people is extremely important.
“This also calls for cooperation and understanding, effective security and effective giving of information.”
According to him, the president has the interest of all Nigerians at heart and will not like to see them facing difficulties.
“There is no president who will want to see his country in chaos nor is there anyone who will want to see his citizens exposed to banditry and danger.
“No president or a leader that will want to see his nation fractured in tribalism or religious differences and others.
“The current challenges call for serious management, evaluation and dialogue once in a while,” he said.
The News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, reports that Gov. Babagana Zulum of Borno, who also met behind closed door with the president, told the correspondents that he updated President Buhari on recent happenings in the North-East region.

He said: “Let me use this opportunity to extend my condolences to the families of the deceased.
“I think it is my own responsibility to come and say the truth to the President, to let him know what is going on in the entire North-East sub-region.
“I think there is a need for us to get support in order for us to succeed in this war against insurgents.
“It is very pathetic; a few days ago, Damasak (Borno) was attacked, hundreds of people started fleeing Damasak and now, Geidam (Yobe) is almost deserted because many people have left Geidam.”

Credit: PressExpress

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Police Dismiss Three Officers For Extorting LASU Student

The Police Command in Ogun State, on Tuesday, announced the dismissal of three police officers for allegedly extorting N153,000 from one Sheriff Adedigba, a student of Lagos State University (LASU).

The three policemen: Inspector Sunday John, Jimoh Asimiya and Solomon Adedapo, allegedly extorted the young man while he was travelling from Abeokuta to Lagos.

The spokesman of the command, Abimbola Oyeyemi, told newsmen in Abeokuta, that following the report of the extortion, the Commissioner of Police, Edward Ajogun, ordered arrest and detention of the officers involved in the act.

Oyeyemi said the officers were immediately arrested and subjected to orderly room trial on a three-count charge of Corrupt practices, Discreditable conduct and Disobedience to a lawful order.

According to him, the trio were found guilty of all the charges and subsequently dismissed from the force to serve as a deterrent to others.
He added that the money was recovered from the dismissed officers and returned to the victim.

Oyeyemi quoted the state commissioner of police appealing to members of the public to always “report any act of misconduct from any officer of the command to him personally, or through any of the principal officers of the command, as such will be treated with utmost urgency.”

He also warned officers of the command to desist from any act capable of tarnishing the image of the command, saying such would not be condoned.

Credit: PressExpress

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Christian clerics hold peace, solidarity rally In Support Of Buhari administration

The Forum of Christian Bishops and Clergy Council have thrown their weight behind President Muhammadu Buhari on his stance on the allegations that have trailed the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Dr. Isa Ali-Pantami.

The Forum, who made this known during a solidarity rally held at Unity Fountain, Abuja, said those behind the allegations were cabals affected by reforms championed by the minister.
The clerics who were carrying placards with various inscriptions declared support for what they described as President Buhari’s determination to keep the country united.

The group further said as Christian leaders they embarked on the solidarity and peace walk to restate the need for national unity and moral support for leaders in the country.
Speaking at the rally, the leader of the group, Bishop Abel King said it became necessary for it to speak out in view of varying opinions expressed over the recent allegations leveled against Mr Pantami.
“Mr President through his decision to put the country first has demonstrated the will to keep us united and not to be swayed by sentiments and outright blackmail” this is quite commendable, Bishop Abel maintained.
“Recall there have been calls for the resignation of Dr Pantami, particularly along religious, political and ethnic lines, if Mr President did not show courage, the country would have lost one of the most brilliant public officers in his administration”
“We feel that this country should rise above sentiments if we must achieve the unity, peace and development we seek as a people.
“The idea of giving every national conversation a political and religious colouration must be discouraged at all cost,” Mr King said.

The group further cautioned against inflammatory statements that are capable of raising tensions among the masses.
“If we look at the reforms in the ICT sector as led by the current administration under Dr Pantami, you will understand that Nigeria needs more of such brilliant people in government, we must therefore resist the temptation to weaken the government using sentiments and politics.
“Let Nigeria win first, and we will not win by drumming war songs at every opportunity,” the group added.

Credit: PressExpress


Army To Take Legal Action On Anyone That Posts Dead Soldiers On Social Media

The Nigerian Army condemns in the strongest term possible, the indiscriminate sharing on social media of graphic pictures of personnel who paid the supreme price in the cause of defending and protecting the country from its adversaries.

This act is not only unpatriotic but very insensitive and utterly reprehensible.

Officers and soldiers of the Nigerian Army deployed to various theatres of internal security operations are on legitimate duties and are in the harm’s way to defend and protect the country from those who are intent on destroying it.

The Nigerian Army consider this despicable and unpatriotic act totally unacceptable and will henceforth take legal actions to protect troops who die in action from being ridiculed on social media or any platform.

Credit: PressExpress

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Boko Haram Terrorist Spotted Walking Freely With His Gun In Broad Daylight In Yobe State

Here is a footage showing suspected Boko Haram terrorist walking freely on the street in broad daylight in Geidam, a town in Yobe state.

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Boko Haram hoists flag near Shiroro Dam, power station; moves closer to Abuja

Shiroro hosts one of Nigeria’s largest power stations and the overrun LGA is barely 200 kilometres from Nigeria’s capital Abuja.
Boko Haram insurgents have taken over Shiroro Local Government Area of Niger, Governor Sani Bello announced on Monday, a development that threatens Nigeria’s power infrastructure and the capital Abuja.

Shiroro hosts one of Nigeria’s largest power stations and the overrun LGA is barely 200 kilometres from Nigeria’s capital Abuja.
Mr Bello said more than 3,000 people have been displaced across the state, including those fleeing Shiroro and Munya LGAs.
“We have over 3,000 people here from communities that have been displaced by bandits and Boko Haram elements around Munya and Shiroro Local Government Areas,” he said. “However, some of them have started going to their various homes.”
“There are some other communities that we think are safe but a vast majority of them will have to remain here because their villages and towns have been taken over by the Boko Haram elements.
“Their wives have been forcefully attached to Boko Haram elements. In fact, I just heard they have already placed their flag in Kauri which means they have taken over the territory,” the governor added.

Niger has faced a relentless assault from rampaging bandits in recent months. The state was at the centre of repeated abductions earlier this year and continues to endure insecurity. The governor now said the Boko Haram elements have also infiltrated the state and could soon march on Abuja, which shares a border with Niger.

Boko Haram’s activities in central Nigeria as confirmed by Mr Bello came days after the insurgents overran Geidam, a large but densely populated community in Yobe. The insurgents have reportedly circulated their flyers and asked all residents to comply to the dictates of an emerging caliphate.

Credit: PressExpress

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Heavy Shooting As Gunmen Reportedly Attack Sunday Igboho’s House in Ibadan

Some unknown gunmen have reportedly attacked the Ibadan residence of Yoruba activist, Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Igboho.

According to the BBC Yoruba service, the attack occurred in the early hours of Monday morning, on April 26.

The publication stated that gunfire was heard in front of Igboho’s house located in the Soka area of Ibadan.

A spokesperson to the activist, Dapo Salami, told the BBC that the gunmen stormed the residence at 1am.

He stated that the attackers were resisted by Igboho’s supporters on the premises.

Credit: PressExpress

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BREAKING: Unknown Gunmen On Rampage, Kill 4 Policemen, 2 Soldiers In Rivers State

Unknown gunmen on Saturday night attacked military and police checkpoints along the Owerri-Port Harcourt Road in Ikwerre Local Government Area, Rivers State.

According to report, the unknown gunmen, who launched the attacks around 8 pm on Saturday, killed four policemen and two soldiers.

More details soon….

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Boko Haram Distributes Recruitment Form During Attack In Geidam Town [Photo]

PREMIUM TIMES has obtained a pamphlet which was widely circulated in Giedam by the Boko Haram members when they attacked the town.

The terror group urged people to join the sect and fight for Jihad in the pamphlet, boldly written in Hausa language. The group also described the aim for their fight and vow to help anyone who agrees to join.

The military foiled Boko Haram attempt to overtake Geidam town yesterday but residents disclose to Premium Times that intense fighting in still going on as of Saturday morning.

The group reportedly seized one primary school in the town and use it as their operational base to lunch attack against Nigerian troops.

Credit: PressExpress

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Those Agitating For Nigeria’s Break Up Behind Increase In Food Prices —Tinubu

National leader of All Progressives Congress (APC), Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, on Saturday, stressed the need for Nigerians to put away their differences and unite as one because there are strong forces bent on breaking the country’s destiny.

Tinubu spoke at the 23rd and 25th combined convocation ceremony of the Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi (FUAM) in Benue State.

The APC national leader who alongside the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Dr. Godwin Emefiele, Minister of State for Petroleum, Chief Timipre Slyva, a former Governor of Adamawa State, Vice Admiral Murtala Nyako (rtd) and Group Managing Director, Nigeria National Petroleum Cooperation (NNPC), Mallam Mele Kyari bagged the university Honourary Doctorate Degrees in various field commended the institution for doing the convocation despite daunting challenges of insecurity and COVID-19 pandemic.
“Terrible people and strong forces want to break Nigeria’s appointment with its greater destiny. These people have unleashed terror and violent criminality against us. By attacking agricultural players across the nation, they seek not only to ravage the agricultural community, but to visit misery on the rest of the nation through food scarcity and food costs that poor people can simply not afford.
“In effect, these mean forces seek to impose a food production and distribution crisis on us by disrupting strategically important agricultural areas and activities. All of these has underscored the importance of the agricultural sector to our collective condition.

Credit: PressExpress

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‘People report killings as if it has never happened before’, says Garba Shehu

“I think there is a determination by some people to make security the narrative that would lead to the next elections in 2023. We are sad, we are not happy people are killing one another but the way it is being reported is to suggest to you that it has never happened.”

“The other day, I was holding a newspaper to an audience. The New Nigerian Newspaper reported the kidnapping of 20 on November 7, 1966 in the Mid-West. If something like that happens today, it will be reported as if there had never been an incident like that in the history of this country.”

“And Buhari – not any other person – not the local council chairman, or governor, Buhari is responsible. So, we know the game in town.”

— Garba Shehu, Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity

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BREAKING: Nigerian forces eliminate IPOB’s ESN commander Ikonso, 6 others

Nigerian security forces carried out a joint operation in Imo State, less than three weeks after public assets were allegedly attacked by IPOB’s Eastern Security Network (ESN).

ESN is the militia wing of the Indigenous People of Biafra. The federal government had proscribed the organisation led by fugitive Nnamdi Kanu.

Though Kanu fled Nigeria after he was granted bail, he still commands a cult followership in the nation’s east. A number of other Igbo people across Nigeria and abroad believe in his agitation for Biafra.

On Saturday, the Nigeria Police, the Nigerian Army and Department of State Services (DSS) stormed the operational headquarters of ESN in Awomama Village Oru East LGA of Imo.

Security agencies blame the secessionists for the attack on the Police headquarters in Imo and the headquarters of the Nigerian Correctional Service (NCoS) on April 5, 2021.

IPOB and ESN have also been indicted in several isolated attacks on security personnel at different locations in the South-East and South-South.
An intelligence officer told PRNigeria that the group’s fighters opened fire as security forces approached their hideout.
“In a clinical response, the joint security forces fought back gallantly. The forces eventually neutralized the overall commander of the insurgents in the Southeast popularly known as Ikonso Commander and six other armed fighters.
“Ikonso is the Vice President designate as well as the coordinator of all the militia operations of the group. He was the mastermind of the attack on the Imo Police Headquarters and several other attacks on security and military personnel and facilities.
“The operation is part of deliberate effort by the Police and other security forces to quel the activities of insurgents in Imo State and other States of the South East and South South region of the country,” the source said.

After battle, the remains of Ikonso and others killed were recovered. Six AK47 rifles, hundreds of ammunition of different caliber, bulletproof charms, among others, were found.

Three policemen and one army officer are receiving treatment for injuries sustained during the fight.

Source : Daily Post

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Imo governor’s house on fire, vehicles burnt, one fear dead

The Imo state governor, Hope Uzodimma‘s house at his hometown in Omuma, Oru East local government area of Imo state, on Saturday morning was attacked and set ablaze by suspected hoodlums in black attire.

Details later…


Between Mubarak Bala And Isa Pantami – Written By Omole Ibukun

On the 28th of April 2020, Mubarak Bala, a Nigerian humanist activist was arrested by the police for a post on social media. According to the government representatives, he was arrested for having an opinion that was critical and satirical of the Islamic Prophet Mohammed on Twitter. He was earlier threatened with death by Nigerian Muslim Tweeps before his arrest happened. Since that date about one year ago Mr. Mubarak has not tasted his freedom, just for criticizing an Islamic prophet in a country that claims to be secular – respecting the freedom of and from religion.

The interesting question to then pose is if Nigeria is a Secular nation or a Sharia State. But No! We need to first ask ourselves if we want a secular Nation or a country ruled by sharia first. Do we want a country ruled by freedom of thought or we want one where everyone defers to their priests or politicians to think for them? Do we want a country ruled by irrational and inhumane religious doctrines or we want one where we can make and change laws democratically? Do we want a country where different major religions are at constant political war or one where the political conversation is about the real welfare interests of the people? Do we even know what we want? Do we want to advance our world ethically or we want to collectively live by books that proclaim that our world will burn and there is no point in the ambition to one day advance towards our own heaven on earth? Do we want a world where all crimes are excused as devices of some unseen Devil or one where people take responsibility for their actions and get rehabilitated? Do we even believe in humanity and the fact that we humans are good enough to be our own gods and the masters of our own future? Do we want a society built around the feelings of an unseen god or one where the physical and mental welfare of the people is central to all decision making? Finally and most importantly, would you want to see your religion rule the world someday?

That last question is what differentiates between a religious person and a religious fanatic. While being a critical person is better than both, being a religious fanatic is the more dangerous of the two. If you would like to see your religion rule your family one day, you are a fanatic. How much more wanting to see your religion rule your country or the whole world? It is not surprising that most religious persons are fanatics starting with the indoctrination of their little children into their religions, to giving employments, promotions and appointments based on religious loyalties.

This charge of religious nepotism has been leveled against the Nigerian government many times in appointing Muslims into almost all key positions. One could have ignored this if the appointees demonstrated some political competence, but events have shown the regime and its appointees to be the direct opposite of the word COMPETENT. Therefore the only reason left to have that much Muslims in major political appointments is Religious Nepotism. This is an important criticism of the appointments system of politics, which has a viable alternative of making all political positions elective posts whose representatives are subject to democratic recall from their constituents anytime.

Let’s try to figure out whether our elected leaders in Nigeria and their appointees are religious fanatics or just religious persons, for example. Twenty years ago, precisely on the 27th of August 2001, it was reported that Muhammadu Buhari called for the introduction of total Islamic law across the country. News reports quoted him to have said “God willing, we will not stop the agitation for the total implementation of the Sharia in the country”, and that was after twelve states in the Northern part of Nigeria had started practicing Sharia Law. Today, Muhammadu Buhari is the President of Nigeria. In 2015, Bashir Ahmaad (who is presently the personal assistant to this same president on New Media) on the issue of nine Nigerians that were about to executed for Blasphemy in Kano tweeted that “I can’t pretend or keep silent. I support the death penalty for BLASPHEMY. That’s my belief and I do not and will never support #SaveKanoNine”. These are religious fanatics.

The present Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Dr. Isa Ali Pantami was recently exposed for making sermons sympathetic of Boko Haram, Taliban, and Al-Qaeda in the past, but recently got the support of the Presidency who said he was young when he committed those crimes of conspiracy to commit acts of terrorism. This is despite the fact that this man’s preaching had been linked to the death of a student leader in ATBU, and more recently Governor Yakowa. He got the support of the presidency with the explanation that he was young when he committed these crimes, even when they were committed in his twenties and thirties. With religious fanatics in power, can we call Nigeria a secular country. Boko Haram exists because of Religious fanaticism. It will be a joke to expect Religious fanatics to fight religious fanaticism, and the terrorist insecurity stemming from it.

With the coexistence of Sharia and Secular laws in the Nigerian constitution, we have been told that Sharia laws are State laws and Federal Secular laws take precedence over them, but the Hisbah Police in the North enforces sharia on Muslims and Non-muslims, recently arresting some Nigerians for eating during the Islamic Ramadan fast, and they are reputed for closing down bars, bulldozing hotels and breaking bottles of beer to deprive both Muslims and non-Muslims from access to secular entertainment. Mubarak Bala is being held in this same tyrannical manner despite the fact that they claim he is being tried with the Federal Secular law.

We know sharia law by its practice in some other parts of the world, no matter how reformed. In Islamic countries across the world, freedom of speech is replaced by Blasphemy laws and all oppositions to the state are crushed. Public executions and other corporal forms of punishment like public beating and cutting off a part of the body, has replaced rehabilitation and correction. Women are subjugated, and people’s valid sexualities are regulated. The interesting thing is that the secular part of the Federal Nigerian law has even been used to justify these same ignoble things in the past, not to talk of the Sharia Law in the North. So is sharia law breathing its tyranny into our secular laws? Can a democratic positive and a tyrannical negative coexist? When positives and negatives coexist, what is the scientific result? The question is left unanswered whether Nigeria is a Secular Nation or ruled by Sharia, and that confusion is as tragic as the confusion and dogma of all organized religions.

Omole Ibukun writes from Abuja, Nigeria, and can be contacted on 09060277591