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It Is Injustice For Buhari To Tavel To UK For Medical Treatment —White Lady Joins #HarassBuhariOutOfLondon Protest

When interviewed by BBC, a white lady who is a British citizen condemned Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari trip to United Kingdom for medical treatment
She revealed that she joined Nigerians in protesting, because she cannot stand the injustice that World leaders do to their people.

She said that “It is not proper for President Muhammadu Buhari to be in London receiving medical treatment, while his own people cannot access medical facilities, because doctors are on strike.

“Nigeria’s situation to that of Britain, where Covid-19 frontline workers are demanding a rise in their pay. Nigeria which is the largest producer of Oil and Gas, cannot attend to the medical needs of her people, who have been exploited by “greedy and rotten” leaders.

Credit: PressExpress

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