Real Madrid President and Super league President, Florèntino Pèrez’s Speaks To El Chiringuito TV Concerning The Super League

Florèntino Pèrez:

“They have said that it is for the rich and it is not true. It is to save football and based on solidarity”.
“Someone has been interested to explain it like this, to say that the rich will be richer and the poor, poorer. And it is not so. We are all going to go out and explain the truth of what this is. We are going to save football, we are not going to allow football to disappear”.

“This is the only option to save the modest, the medium clubs. Those who have the right to have an opinion are the fans, those 4,000 million. They want better competitions, more competitive. And nobody cares about this. It is not true that we end the leagues”.

“Boris Johnson? They have told him that the Premier League is disappearing. When he sees that it is not true and that it is also silly. Don’t worry, everything will return to normal”.

“We have been working a lot, more than two years. The pandemic has given us the finishing touch to a situation that was deteriorating. The biggest clubs in England, Italy and Spain have found a solution to the very difficult situation that football is experiencing”.

“Real Madrid in two seasons have lost 400 million euros, and that’s just Real Madrid. When you only have income from television, you understand the solution is to create games that are more competitive and more attractive and that can be seen around the world. That’s how we started working. We came to the conclusion that by doing a Super League during the week, instead of the Champions League, we would be able to mitigate the lost income”.

“I entered football in 2000 and it has to evolve, like people, companies, social networks. Football must adapt to the times in which we live. Football was losing interest”.

“It was the same in 1950 with Santiago Bernabéu, who opposed the creation of the European Cup and then changed football. The attraction is that we play among the greats, competitiveness”.

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