Buhari Battling Kidney Problems, Dementia, Alzheimer, May Be Flown To Saudi Arabia; Protesters Frustrating His Medical vacation

For days now, protesters have continued to picket the Nigerian Embassy in London and the Nigeria House where President Muhammadu Buhari has been observing his medical vacation, frustrating efforts of medical personnel from attending to the president who is suffering pains from
the kidney surgical transplant he had, Dementia and Alzheimer, a source
familiar with the President’s situations told

Buhari who left the shores of Nigeria a fortnight ago is expected to
continue with his rehabilitation after he underwent a surgical
transplant due to a kidney failure he suffered years ago. He is also
being treated of Dementia, a most common debilitating and degenerative
illnesses that affects elderly people which symptoms include slowly loss
of senses and functionality.

A source informed our UK correspondent that Nigerian officials in London
are having tough times getting access for the British Medics to commence
treatment of the President. The protesters under the protection of the
UK police are refusing to vacate the premises insisting that President
Buhari returns to Nigeria.

The source confirmed that Nigerian government officials went as far as
renting a pro-Buhari protesters most of whom were non Nigerians only to
be exposed by the British Press as hirelings, which further exposed the
desperation of the Nigeria government.

According to the Source, “The protest in front of the Nigerian Embassy
in London and also at the home of the Nigerian Ambassador have made life
difficult for President Buhari. Day and night people are protesting at
both venues.
“Peaceful protests are lawful in the UK. It’s in the open air, so all
protesters needed to do was to put on their face masks and maintain
social distance.
“The police went to the protest venue but they didn’t stop it. Rather
the police even protected the protesters to make sure that it all goes
“What was most ridiculous was that the Nigerian government and officials
tried to do what they did at the # ENDSARS protest in Nigeria.
“They went and hired a crowd to stage their own pro Buhari protest. It
backfired against them. Some of the hired crowd were not even Nigerians.
They were paid to attend. The press interviewed them, they said how much
they were paid to stage a pro Buhari protest.
“So the UK government realised that it was getting slightly out of hand.
We have had rumours since Monday that they were trying to move President
Buhari to Saudi Arabia to continue his medical treatment and rest.
“And if you want to know the real medical condition of our President, it
was all analysed in some British Press. Our President suffers from two
main conditions. He reportedly had a kidney failure and had a kidney
transplant in the UK – that was when he first came here for 6 months.

That explains his gaunt figure and appearance.
“Though we understand that the transplant was successful, he will need
to be be seeing his doctors regularly for the rest of his life, to check
that his body is tolerant of the transplanted kidney.
“The second condition is Dementia, very common with older people. It is
a degenerative disease, and there is no cure. The brain cells are
basically shutting down. Medication only slows down the degenerative
process, but it cannot stop it.
“Dementia and Alzheimers disease and Parkinson’s disease are very
similar and are the most common debilitating and degenerative illnesses
that affect elderly people. People just slowly loose their senses and
“The signs are all over Buhari; his slow cognitive responses, his
blurred speech and distanced looks. This is the main reason why his
aides try to shield him from public appearances, and why they surround
him with high powered Chief of Staff, people who can act for him by
“I do not blame anyone for their illness, and I do not wish illness on
anyone, but knowing what we know now, Buhari should not have stood for a
second term in 2019. It was a sin against the Nation.”

He also warned Nigerians to be careful with who to entrust its
leadership in future particularly, such persons mental and physical
“Anyone who wish to contest the highest office in the country must have
stamina, intellectual capacity and cognitive abilities to withstand the
rigours of the office. It is very sad that he has to be saddled in such
an office, with all its demands, despite these ailments. He should have
been advised to step down.
“This is one of the same problem that I have with the proposed candidacy
of ASIWAJU Ahmed Tinubu. He also is not in the best of health. He is
also beginning to manifest the signs of dementia. Have you seen his
public appearances and presentations of late. These people are not
mentally fit for the highly demanding rigour of such high office. By
2023, Tinubu will be 71 or 72 years old. He had a history of drug abuse
and even still has a case pending in the USA for drug dealing and money
laundering. I think Nigeria deserves better”, he said.

Source: Pointblank News

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