Nigerian Comedian, Josh2funny Performs At America’s Got Talent Show

Nigerian comedian, Josh2funny appeared and performed at the America’s Got Talent show. His performance has got many talking and laughing their hearts out.

In the video that is not going viral, he first entered the stage and introduced himself as Josh Alfred, a 32 year old Nigerian whose talent is speed reading (the fastest reader in the world). They asked him to perform and of course Josh being Josh, flipped through the books and got the audience wondering and laughing. However, he didn’t make it to the next stage.

Then he came back again to the stage in a different outfit, as Jayosh, a 32 year old Nigerian whose talent is speed rapping (he raps fast).

He performed once again and rapped as fast as he could but the judges although laughed out loud, weren’t impressed and gave him the red buzzer.

Josh left and came back to the stage one more time in another outfit as Terrifying J, a magician and once again, he entertained the judges and audience at the show.

While many are laughing out loud and applauding Josh for his comedy prowess and being able to perform at the America’s Got Talent show, some feel Josh shouldn’t have performed that way and he misused his opportunity/slot.

Regardless, Josh2funny has once again solidified himself as a top comedian in the industry. He was already known for several popular trends including “Don’t leave me” challenge, now being on the American Got Talent show and performing for the likes of Simon Cowell and co, even making him laugh is just another trophy in his bag.

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