The security reports coming from Oyo State most especially as it relates to the conducts of the operatives of the Western Nigeria Security Network code-named Amotekun is not palatable at all and it has shown the defects of having State Police in a country like ours where the maxim, “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely” is most applicable.

The clamor for this regional security apparatus was a popular one borne out of the glaring failure and mess of the federal agencies instituted to protect lives and properties. This clamor was championed by many across various classes in the region and I also largely subscribed to the institution. This was a product of the belief that the existence of such outfit (if properly utilised) will strengthen security in the country by consolidating on the efforts of the existing security apparatchiks. But, it is most pathetic that Governor Seyi Makinde decided within himself to submit the security architecture of the State to touts as a form of compensation. This singular act of his has helped in promoting violence in the State by “thugs in uniform” who have been formenting trouble within the four corners of the State.

The distribution of guns to the members of Amotekun can be likened to empowering mad men with guns when considering the level of their exposure as operatives of Amotekun have been reported on many occasions of shooting at members of the general public at the slightest provocation and this cannot be unconnected from the fact that many of them are ill-trained on crisis-management as security personnels and are largely jackasses and hyenas in human clothing.

One would have thought that the hierarchical structure of Amotekun would be in the hands of security experts like retired senior police officers/army officers, but, reverse is the case as the structure is submitted in the hands of known touts who should not be trusted with such a sensitive post.
It is no gainsaying that Amotekun being coordinated largely by touts has greatly contributed to the negative conducts of its operatives with unprovoked killings of harmless citizens being reported virtually on a daily basis.

Of late, Oyo State has been exhibiting all the characteristics of a failed State with uprisings from each end. Today, hardly will a day pass by without report of insurrection from one part of the State or another. And, the issue of insecurity in the State is seriously becoming a source of concern for many of us considering the importance of a serene environment to economic development and political stability.
Though, the Governor has shown commitment in the areas of distribution of service equipments to security operatives in the State, but, beyond this, the Governor must sit-up and ensure that the security of lives and properties of the people is properly guaranteed by disarming touts who have been formenting struggle in the nooks and crannies of the State.

In all, I leave the operatives of Amotekun in this Ẹsẹ̀ ifá (ifá corpus) while hoping that the Governor will, as a matter of necessity and urgency enforce a recomposition:
Irọ́ pípa níí pa onírọ́
Ilẹ̀ dídà níí pa ọdàlẹ̀
Ojú Olódùmarè ń rí ohun tí ó pamọ́ sábẹ́ ilẹ̀
A díá(dífá) fún ẹni tí ó jalè ní ìkọ̀kọ̀
Tí ó rò pé Ọba ayé ò rí òun
Bí Ọba ayé ò rí i, ti ọ̀run ń wò ó
Ọ̀rúnmìlà tún wí pé
Èké ń pa ẹrú
Epè ń pa olè
Ilẹ̀ dídà ń pa ọ̀rẹ́
Òrìsà ìdílé ń pa ènìyàn aṣebi.
Lying slays the liar,
Betrayal slays the betrayer,
The eyes of Olodumare see what is buried under the earth
Thus declared the Oracle to the man who steals under the cover of darkness
And think that no earthy King sees him
Though the earthy King does not see you
The heavenly King sees you
Orunmila says further;
Tale-bearing slays the slave
Curses slay the thief
Covenant-breaking slays the friend
The tutulary divinity kills one who harms his relation.

Kazeem Olalekan Israel (GANI) writes from Ibadan, Nigeria.

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