Stop using holy name of Jesus for comedy, Rev. Godfrey Onah to comedians, Skit makers

The Catholic Bishop of the Nsukka Diocese, Most Rev. Prof. Godfrey Onah Igwebuike, issued a warning to Nigerian entertainers who use the name Jesus in their movies during the installation of lectors and acolytes in Nsukka.

The well-known Catholic priest that it is improper to use the Lord’s name in jest.

He said, “Most of you in our country have forgotten how to pronounce the sacred name of the Lord Jesus. Pentecostals have caused confusion among all Christians, and they have even manufactured jokes out of the Lord Jesus’ holy name. This is especially true of comedians.

“Every knee must bend when the name of Jesus is mentioned, according to the Letter to the Philippians. Go to the Nigerian entertainment sector now to witness videos where the Lord Jesus’ holy name has been utilized for amusement. They refer to that as entertainment in return. Well, I blame the Pentecostals who have misled many of them, not them. However, my warning to them is crystal obvious. halt that pattern.…”

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