Portuguese Prime Minister Steps Down After Corruption Probe Surfaces

Portuguese Prime Minister, António Costa, has announced his resignation following the detention of his chief of staff, Vitor Escaria, as part of a corruption investigation involving lithium and hydrogen projects.

According to Irish Examiner on Tuesday, Costa, in a televised address from Lisbon maintained his innocence but stated, “In these circumstances, I have presented my resignation to the president of the republic.”

The prosecutor’s office disclosed that five individuals, including Escaria, were detained in connection with an ongoing probe into lithium exploration concessions and a hydrogen production project.

Costa, who had been serving as prime minister since 2015, had led a Socialist government with an absolute parliamentary majority.

The Supreme Court is scrutinising the involvement of suspects in illicit activities allegedly linked to the prime minister.

Key figures such as the minister of infrastructure, Joao Galamba, and the head of the environmental agency have also been named as suspects.

President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa is expected to accept Costa’s resignation.

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