Group Faults Uniosun Students’ Union Election, Laments Irregularities


In a statement released by the Take It Back Movement, Osun State Chapter, the group laments some irregularities that surrounds the proposed Election. The statement allegedly revealed that the Constitution is being neglected in the course of conducting the election.

The statement reads:


“Every Generation, out of relative obscurity, find it’s mission; to fulfil it or betray it”- Frantz Fanon.

As the Students’ Union Election of the Osun State University draws closer, the attention of the movement has been drawn towards the different manipulation tactics already playing out on the campus. It is sad, though not surprising, that the Osun State University management has been playing some hanky panky games underneath, with an obvious objective of manipulating the Students’ Union Election process towards their interest.

Recently, it got to our hearing, that the Dean of Students’ Affairs of Osun State University went against the Students’ Union constitution to constitute a 10-man committee for the electoral process instead of the 12-man committee stated in the sacrosanct constitution of Osun State University Students’ Union, thereby sidelining a whole campus out of the Electoral committee. This couldn’t have been a mistake.

Students must make it a duty to remind the Dean of Students Affairs in case he has forgotten, that the Union is not a toy which he can manipulate as he so wishes. The Students’ Union of Osun State University is one which is guided by a sacrosanct constitution and only the constitution has a say as far as the union is concerned. It is important that students do not allow the Dean of Students Affairs to meddle with the Union Affairs as he so wishes, as the Union is meant to be an independent body.

The previous Students’ Union election of the Osun State University is enough to tell us all of how manipulative and mischievous the management can be in this game of politics, hence the need to be at alert as conscious students, to ensure that the union is defended and not hijacked, as an independent union is all that is needed to defend the rights of the students on campus.

Also, there has been an information that there is a planned attack on candidates contesting for some post of the union by some unscrupulous elements, which has been linked to be working for the management. While this information remains a rumour, it is important to carefully warn the management to desist from such ana act in case there is such a plan. Eyes are on the Union election as it is, and any attempt to harm or threaten any candidate in this election will not be taken for granted by the movement and even the students at large.

The movement, in her capacity, will ensure that the management, does not tamper with this Union election, and it will not hesitate, to expose any irregularities been performed to manipulate the Union election, as it is a priority for us, that Osun State University Students’ Union can have a free and fair election. We do hope that the management also have this in mind.

Lastly, we commend the effort of Students so far in standing their ground against oppressions and victimization on the campus, and we encourage them to not relent but instead put in more effort, especially in defending the union and ensuring that it is not manipulated by the school management.”

Martins Jesuloni Philip
Take It Back Campus Wing Coordinator, Osun State.

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