Oyo Election Illustrates ‘Democratical Deficit’ in Nigeria: Activist Adenola Exposes Government’s Involvement in Rigging, Citing Lopsided Outcome as Proof of Failed Democracy


Activist Damilare Adenola has ignited a firestorm on social media after exposing government involvement in rigging the OYO state local government election that took place on Saturday.

With his biting commentary, Adenola boldly stated that the election was not a one-off incident of democratic failure, but rather emblematic of a “democracy-free” Nigeria, where democratic ideals are mere lip service.

The human rights advocate’s declaration sheds light on lack of democratic integrity in the Nigerian government and electoral processes.

In a stirring account posted to his Facebook page, activist Damilare Adenola describes his journey to Ibadan, Oyo State, three days before the local government election, motivated by a sense of civic duty to monitor the political climate.

As a human rights activist and a committed reformer, Adenola saw himself not just as an observer, but also as an agent of change. However, what he and his team encountered shock them to their core: a “parade of shame” orchestrated by the Seyi Makinde-led government.

He wrote, “OYO ELECTION: It is not a dark day for democracy as democracy has no day in Nigeria yet

“As I arrived in Ibadan, Oyo State, three days before the local government election, I felt a sense of duty calling me to serve. As a human rights activist and a politician with a passion for change, I joined my team to observe the political landscape. Little did I know, we were about to witness a parade of shame by the Seyi Makinde led regime.

“The air was thick with tension, as the ruling PDP/APC’s stranglehold on the state seemed to suffocate the very essence of democracy. The emergence of the AAC party as a formidable contender sparked a desperate attempt by the PDP to cling to power. And so, the election day arrived, bringing with it a travesty of justice.

“The OYSIEC, under Governor Seyi Makinde’s control, perpetrated a brazen daylight robbery. They crushed the voters’ morale by delaying electoral materials for hours, only to arrive with misplaced or missing materials. This was no mere incompetence; it was a calculated plan to disenfranchise honest contestants and the helpless public.

“The snatching of ballot boxes became a grotesque view, while open ballots exposed voters to intimidation. In some areas, voters’ cards with an intention to vote PDP candidates were a guarantee for multiple voting rights, a blatant mockery of democracy. I am consumed by pain and outrage, for this is not the democracy we were taught as government students.

“Unlike those who cry “it’s a bad day for democracy,” I assert that democracy has yet to dawn in Nigeria. How can we claim democracy when the will of those in power supersedes the voices of the governed? The very fabric of our society is torn apart by corruption, clientelism, and the lust for power.”

Despite the alarming state of affairs, Adenola remains undeterred, maintaining that despite his previous experiences with electoral shenanigans in Nigeria, he will not succumb to despair.

“Though I’ve witnessed Nigeria’s electoral shenanigans before, I refuse to surrender to despair. History teaches us that hopelessness is not a catalyst for change.

“Today again, I reaffirm my commitment to revolution, the only potent force that can shatter this oppressive status quo. The people must organize, rise, and end this government’s wickedness. We owe it to ourselves, our children, and the future of our beloved nation,” he added

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