While we are being killed by bandits in the North, Buhari went to Lagos for a book launch — Bafarawa


The former Governor of Sokoto State, Attahiru Bafarawa did not find it easy with Buhari’s visit to Lagos for a book launch because of insecurity in the North.
Attahiru Bafarawa said that when Buhari emerged president of the federation, he swore an oath to always have the people at heart and always protect them, and he must fulfill the promises. He also said they are sad and disappointed with the way Buhari’s administration is treating their region.

Bafarawa statement reads, “The way the lives of our people are being treated as worthless is the most disturbing thing. See the lives lost just within the last four to five days. People were burnt in a vehicle after they were shot, but President
Muhammadu Buhari went to Lagos for a Book launch. A book that is neither the Qur’an or the Bible. It is just a Biography.”

“We only depend on God for protection. It is only on God that we depend for his protection, not anybody. We are sad and disappointed with the way Buhari’s administration is treating our region.

“I was a governor for eight years and I know the responsibilities placed on me. Whenever a governor or a president is sworn in, he swears with the Qur’an or the Bible that he will protect the lives and properties of the people. Nobody says that the people will be responsible for the protection of their lives and properties.

“The leader who swore that, he can do it, by going to the people in their villages and houses and asked them to vote for him, must fulfil that promise. The saying that, security is everybody’s business is true, but the onus rests with the leader, like President Muhammadu Buhari who swore with the Qur’an to protect their lives,” He added.

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