Yoruba Students In Kano Requests Financial Support To Prevent Over 200 Dropouts

The Yoruba Students Association at Bayero University, Kano, has issued a heartfelt plea to Yoruba leaders across the nation, urging them to provide financial support to help over 200 students avoid dropping out due to escalating tuition fees.

According to Peak News, the association’s President, Olonade Kehinde Michael, alongside General Secretary Bidemi Olawale and PRO Waris Odekunle, made this public appeal in a bid to secure their fellow students’ academic future.

Recently, the university administration imposed a staggering 300% increase in tuition fees, placing an enormous burden on students. For example, President Olonade Kehinde Michael, a student in the Faculty of Health and Environmental Science, initially paid ₦43,000, but now faces a bill of ₦100,200.

The association emphasized that their plea, conveyed through social media, is a last resort to prevent the imminent dropouts of over 200 students, many of whom have maintained impressive academic records with CGPAs above 4.0.

The PRO, Waris Odekunle, disclosed their efforts to engage political leaders in the Southwest region yielded no positive response. To ensure the students’ continuity in their education, an estimated ₦15,000,000 is urgently required.

General Secretary Bidemi Olawale highlighted another pressing concern: the lack of accommodation for many students. He implored political leaders, including His Royal Highness of Ile-Ife, Ọba Ogunwusi, and other royal figures, to extend financial support.

Additionally, the General Secretary addressed the issue of bursary disbursement, which is no longer functioning. He called upon state governments to rectify this situation promptly.

In a concluding plea, the association’s representatives reminded political leaders that the future of these students hangs in the balance due to financial constraints.

They warned of the dire consequences of a mass dropout scenario, emphasizing the potential impact on the nation’s literacy rates. They earnestly implored all stakeholders to step in and assist in averting this crisis.

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