Nigerian Man Enters Coffin for 24-Hour Burial Challenge


A young Nigerian man by the name of Young C has taken on the morbid challenge of being buried alive in a coffin for a staggering 24 hours. Young C’s daring feat involves being enclosed in a coffin, a symbol of death and finality, for an entire day, pushing his limits and testing his resilience against fear, claustrophobia, and the potential danger of suffocation or dehydration.

Young C, the intrepid Nigerian man behind the morbid 24-hour burial challenge, took to Instagram on Wednesday to assure his followers that the stunt was indeed real and not a hoax. He promised to live-stream from the coffin at night, allowing those with nerves of steel to witness the eerie and claustrophobic conditions in which he would spend his time buried alive. In these posts, Young C aimed to dispel any skepticism about the authenticity of the challenge and to give his audience a real-time glimpse into his unsettling endeavor.

Sharing a video on his Instagram account on Wednesday, he said, “I am going to be spending the next 24 hours buried in this casket. Guys, this is real, not fake.

“And the most amazing part is that I am going to go live by night.”

Young C kept his followers updated on his harrowing experience, revealing that he had been encased in the coffin for over 8 hours and was beginning to feel the effects of his confinement. In an update shared on Instagram, Young C revealed that he was not only contending with the weight of the earth on his body but also battling excessive sweating, a direct consequence of being trapped in a coffin in close quarters and the sweltering conditions underground.

In an update on Wednesday evening, he said in part, “Guys, I have been buried alive for over 8 hours now. For those of you who saw my first video, I have been down here. As you can see, my camera is still rolling, and I have my light down there, I am sweating, guys.”

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