Doctor Reportedly Dies As Faulty Elevator Falls From 10th Floor In Lagos General Hospital

A medical doctor identified as Dr. Vwaere Diaso has died after being involved in an elevator accident at the General hospital in Odan, Lagos state on Tuesday, August 1.

In the series of social media posts by friends of the deceased, the elevator in which Vwaere entered, was said to have fallen from the 10th floor to the ground floor while she was going to pick up her meal from a dispatch rider outside.

It was also alleged that it took the hospital one hour before the body of the victim was evacuated and rushed to the emergency before she died.

According to a tweet from one person who is perceived to be an insider, the tweet reveals that the elevator was known to have had issues, and staff had made complaints about it but nothing was done.

The tweet reads, “Particularly aggrieved because we’ve complained for a long time about this elevator. We’ve manoeuvred, managed and prayed each time we had to use it. Empty promises will be made to fix it….till it killed one of us.”

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