Ondo Govt to PDP: Juvenile Opposition, Pedestrian Talks Expose Your Emptiness


Juvenile Opposition, Pedestrian Talks Expose Your Emptiness

….publish details of companies linked to Governor’s family and report to EFCC funds spent on Countdown Show

This response in respect of the PDP’s latest misadventure mistaken for opposition is not to glorify the rudderless camp; it is to counsel the seemingly disorganised ilk and for the sake of general public at the mercy of PDP’s disingenuous misinformation.

Their assertions in respect of 13 companies they claimed were registered by the Governor’s family in 2017 without evidence exposes the juveline and pedestrian composure of the PDP. It is sheer waste of precious media space to assert without evidence to prove. We challenge PDP to publish the names of the Directors of those companies as well as the names of those companies.

On the alleged expenditure of N500,000,000(Five Hundred Million Naira) by the Ondo State Ministry of Information on the Countdown Show to herald 2022, it’s not just laughable but presents the PDP as most unserious. The inconsistency in their lies is legendary as their first release had indicated N200,000,000 in respect of same subject. The public deserves to know more. Therefore, PDP must hurry to report this to the EFCC for investigation.

While it is clear that the insidious naked dance of the PDP manifests the height of idleness and political depression, the party’s persistence in the display of uncanny posture on the path of unbelievable lies calls to question whether or not PDP respects the Ondo State public at all. No serious public takes such beer parlour talks seriously.


Donald Ojogo,
Commissioner for Information and Orientation,
Ondo State .

January 3, 2022.

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