“I See Something Worse”, Father Mbaka Reveals Disturbing Prophecy for President Tinubu

Enugu – Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, the spiritual leader of the Adoration Ministry in Enugu, Nigeria (AMEN), has sad he had foreseen a political instability worse than that of the Niger Republic in Nigeria, citing the unemployment rate in the country.

In a video posted on the church’s official page, the cleric warned that God is watching President Bola Tinubu and that the presidency will get it right in fixing the country if the President can submit himself to the will of God.

“The rate of unemployment in Nigeria is too much. Heaven is watching President Tinubu. If Tinubu submits to the power of God, God will use him to redeem Nigeria. If President Tinubu does not want to seek the face of the Lord, I see something worse than what is happening in Niger will happen in Nigeria. I don’t know how and when it will happen, but the Spirit has revealed it unto me.”

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