Would Our Brothers And Sisters In Borno Ever sleep With Their Eyes Closed? – Seyi Oyetunbi

Would Our Brothers And Sisters In Borno Ever sleep With Their Eyes Closed? – Seyi Oyetunbi

Nigeria will never stop preferring the previous government, until we have a government who takes responsibility. In other words, governance will keep getting worse, as far as we keep recycling incompetence.

Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, Buhari’s predecessor watched insurgency grow so vast that we thought a president with a military background would be the elixir. His failure to run a working government inspired us (over 15million Nigerians) to opt for a tired man who apparently wouldn’t have become a general if not for quota system.
For making Buhari marketable, I believe Jonathan needs to apologise to Nigerians. And embrace the fact that he’s the most clueless president Nigeria ever had, despite his impressive academic qualification.

I can’t imagine the kind of frustration that made Nigerians consider a man whose Waec result is housed in controversy. No! Jonathan must have really failed on every part.

Emperor Buhari, we no longer ask for any life supporting amenity.
The money is there. Spend and spread it around your men in power.
Borrow as much as you want.
Leave corruption for God.

What we are concerned about right now is security.

We just want to live!

Asking to live should be the least of what we can get from a government that manages our affairs. The basic reason why a state is formed is for security of lives and properties. Security is one of those things which we cannot do for ourselves. The northeastern part of the country is ravaged by insurgency, and it can’t be clearer than it is, that the Buhari led administration is not ready to hold the bull by the horn.
In a single day we lost more Nigerians to deficiencies in our security formation than the number of Nigerians lost to COVID-19.
Everything is wrong with this government, if in 5years, religious extremists still walk into a village to kill anyone at sight. Our silence is as terrible as the situation we find ourselves in Nigeria.

Seyi Oyetunbi

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