We will soon shock Nigerians — Maryam Abacha vows

We will soon shock Nigerians — Maryam Abacha vows

She said when the blackmail is over, it would be their turn.
Wife of late Head of State, General Sani Abacha, has reacted to claims that her husband was arguably the greatest thief in Nigeria’s history, for looting billions of dollars of the nation’s wealth before his eventual demise in 1998.
Maryam Abacha, during an interview with Kano Focus, an online news platform in the state to mark the 22nd anniversary of her husband’s death, said when all the blackmails against her late husband is over, Nigerians would be shocked by what would follow.
She said, “How come this man was not a thief until he died?”
“What is this amount of money after 22 years you say oh we have found this amount of money and we’re bringing it back?
“It is a shame to tell lies on a dead man! It is a shame to tell lies on your leader.
“If he had done wrong, God knows. If other people are putting the wrong on him, it is a matter of time.
“They will kneel down like America is kneeling down now. Anybody that is evil will kneel down just like this corona has come to shut this world.”
On the impact of such allegations against her late husband on her family, she said, “He worked in Kano and he planted Kano people, but there are people he helped a lot but they are not even greeting me now for no reason.
“They just hate us. But why? It is Haram and Allah is watching us. ”
Although Abacha is generally viewed in the eyes of the public as one of Nigeria’s most evil leaders, there are still people who see the late dictator quite differently.
In our recent article titled: How the man who saved for rainy days, became a thief, we looked at both sides of the argument and what has really changed 22 years after Abacha passed on.
Beside president Muhammadu Buhari, former Chief Security Officer (COS) to late General Sani Abacha, Major Hamza Al-Mustapha, recently said he was surprised by the way his former boss is been blackmailed as the most corrupt head of states in the country.

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