‘Wahala!!!’ Means ‘You Will Suceed’, Not Trouble – Portable


The ‘Zazzu’ crooner in a video shared by actress Bimbo Ademoye was seen ranting in Yoruba language as he gave more insight into what he meant by ‘Wahala’.

Portable praising the videographer, said” thanks for taking videos of me, you have used money to invite madman and y’all we see madness.

“Wa’ala, you too will succeed, Wa’ala, you will build house, Wa’ala, you will buy car, wa’ala, you will bear children”.

The video shared by the actress came ahead of the release of her new skit, which the Zazu crooner would feature on,

“I’m not sure iya barakat would be able to handle this next client o. Boya she should quit. Anticipation sturv with omo olalomi, baba zeh. Next teropi secxxion loading,” the actress captioned.

Credit: Instagram | bimboademoye

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