United States Warns Niger Coup Plotters, Says They May Be Pushed To Attack

The United States of America has warned the Niger junta that they may be pushed to be involved militarily if the country’s military rulers do not return to constitutional order.

According to PressExpress, the US acting Deputy Secretary, Victoria Nuland, in a special briefing on Niger disclosed via a teleconference on Tuesday that they may be pushed to that point.

She noted, “…There is still a lot of motion here on many sides with regard to where the governance situation will go.

“So we will be watching that closely and there are a number of regional meetings coming up and consultations with allies and partners that we need to make.

“So we’ll be watching the situation, but we understand our legal responsibilities and I explained those very clearly to the guys (Niger junta) who were responsible for this and that it is not our desire to go there, but they may push us to that point, and we asked them to be prudent in that regard and to hear our offer to try to work with them to solve this diplomatically and return to constitutional order.”

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