Two LASU Students Wounded by Stray Bullets Near Campus


Tragedy struck late Monday as two Lagos State University (LASU) students fell victim to stray bullets in an attack outside the campus. The incident occurred at PPL, a popular residential area for students.

According to reports, the identities of both the victims and the shooters remain unknown. Report also indicated that the victims were purchasing food from a local vendor around 8 pm when the attack took place.

A student from Lagos State University, who chose to remain anonymous due to not being authorized to speak on the matter informed PUNCH that the victims had ventured out to purchase food in the PPL area, a popular off-campus residential zone for students, when they were tragically hit by stray bullets.

However, in a video that surfaced online, showing the aftermath of the tragic shooting incident involving the students, in which one of the victims, seemingly a female, is seen lying on a bed with her shirt covered in blood.

“It happened around past 8 pm at PPL. They went to get food outside, so they heard gunshots, and they ran away. When they got home, they observed that the bullets had hit the male on the neck and arm.

“Due to the bleeding, he was rushed to the LASU Health Centre from where he was rushed again to the Igando Medical Hospital. He’s already responding to treatment,” the source said.

The source added that the Dean of Students Affairs of the school was with the students at the hospital.

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