‘Twita’ A Poem
Written by Popoola sulaimon

Let them take heed, those who are not born to lead
That we do not exist to enhance their greed
Nor do we accept their right to power
When comes the year, the day, the hour
Then they must justify their acts
Forced to disclose felonious facts
Of what we think or feel or see
Nor should they control established belief
From which no logic can gain relief
Unless it complies with their accepted world view
Pretence of progress, assuming rule for the few
And those that purport to be men of the people
Let them shout out from Aso stone
That they are prepared to let elections decide
So that our human rights will not be denied
By their curious behaviour and ancient ways
That their accents reveal and their mindset betrays
Inherited wealth is mere tax by stealth
When rulers have granted financial health
To a chosen few of the unelected
Whose position is by old age
Not by qualification nor election

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