Tinubu’s Sons, Seyi and Yinka, Among Delegation to Travel with President to Doha, Qatar

Seyi and Yinka Tinubu, sons of President Tinubu, will accompany him on a state visit to Doha, Qatar on March 2-3. The delegation will consist of 38 people and is split into two groups. This information was reported in several sources.

The first group of 16 people, including Governor Zulum of Borno State, Governor Uba Sani of Kaduna State, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Tuggar, Minister of Finance, Mr. Edun, Minister of Solid Minerals, Mr. Alake, National Security Adviser, Mr. Ribadu, and NNPC’s Mr. Kyari, will arrive in Doha on February 28.

The second group of 22 people, which includes Seyi Tinubu, Yinka Tinubu, PPS Hakeem Muti-Okunola, SCOP Ambassador Victor Adekunle Adeleke, PP Dr. Ade Tinubu, and SSAP (Household) Subair Oluwatoyin, will arrive in Doha on February 29. The trip comes at a time when many Nigerians are protesting hardships such as hunger and high cost of living.

Tinubu has promised to reduce the cost of governance, but many Nigerians doubt his commitment to this goal. They have also accused him of hypocrisy, noting that his sons, Seyi and Yinka, have accompanied him on numerous foreign trips.

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