The Rocket Science _ Written By Martins Jesuloni P.


The Rocket Science _ Written By Martins Jesuloni P.



Rocket Science is a “slang” used for something way difficult to understand, or say something meant for some selected few. Can you give lists of things that you can call “rocket science”??? Alright, I have one right here. It’s called Government!!!, sincerely, I do not think I know of any rocket science beyond “government”.
I know you are wondering why I’d call government, a rocket science right??? We’re almost there

To a common man, government is a rocket science. He doesn’t know what it is that is being said, to him, it’s not a course for him to understand. Infact, even many literate, do not know what government is all about. To them, they are not into politics, so why should they know it. They are doctors, but do not care to know why the wages must increase, infact, they do not bother to know who determine the wages and what basis they do. It’s not their thing, it’s for them… The them, the few, who is doing it… And maybe, who should be doing it!!!…

The lackadaisical attitude towards governance has led us here. The fact that we have put in their hands is eating us deep already. To most people, those in governance are good will men and women who are catering for “them”, the less privilege. Each time they are lucky to receive 2% of their dividends as a citizen, they’ll be like a poor man who receives a token from a passerby. To them, those in government are some kind of superman.. Many youths, educated ones, sometimes share this ignorance too. It interests them to follow up and discuss on entertainment and sports, but not government, why??? Because it’s a rocket science.. Because those that are doing it, are doing it…

A country where government is made into a rocket science would suffer the same lot as Nigeria. A country where the least minority dictates, control, and make policy for clueless majority is bound to lead the poverty chart!!!.

While, it might not interest you to contest as an individual, it should necessarily interest you to understand how, who, and why you are being governed. Until, we stop considering “government” as a rocket science, or as a thing meant to be done by some people over some people, then we would still be right here…

When your street electricity is down for months, what comes to your mind??? Aren’t you waiting for those who should do it, to go and do it??? When the small road gets so bad in your street, what did you say??? Didn’t you say “won’t this people come and do this thing”.. The question, who are those people you are waiting for to come and do it. Why can’t you join them in doing it???..

We must come to the understanding that we won’t survive it if we leave what pertains to us, affects us, in the hands of some people. No, it should be in our hands.

For a revolution to happen, we must first know that government is not a rocket science, it’s not a thing for the adult alone or those who studied political science. You and I must take it in our hands…

look around your environment, check for any social work you can do. It might be ensuring the surrounding is clean, it might be filling the little pot holes on the road, what else, just look around, I’m sure there would be a work waiting for you… Don’t go and be clearing someone else farm oooo… Ehehenn

Martins Jesuloni P. , A.K A MARTINALUTHER

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