The Nigerian People And The Nigerian Government: A Compilation Of The Hidden Truth



Nigerians are too docile and something is really destroying our Ọmọlúwàbí fabrics. We are waiting for a Messiah to come to our aid while our politicians have put us in a perpetual prison of poverty (of infrastructures and basic amenities).
How is it that most people live on less than $2 per day and the lawmakers made devilish laws to pay themselves more than $37,720 a month, yet our people are handing them over to Middle Eastern and Israeli gods?

What happen to protesting aginst this kind of evil laws? Why is it that our people who are supposed to be the decision makers in a democracy cannot stop these greedy, evil lawmakers from enriching themselves.

The other day, Dino Melaye was so bold and disrespectful, displaying his ill-gotten wealth on social media and many Nigerians are clapping for him. Recently, the evil lawmakers allocated huge sums of money to themselves for the purchase of imported 4X4 bullet proof vehicles, yet Nigerians are on an endurance mission. Someone rightly put it this way: “it is true that when you push a Ram to the wall, the Ram will turn back to face you in order to save its own life, whereas, when you push Nigerians to the wall, Nigerians will break the wall in order to have means of moving back the more”. What really is our problem in that country?

When you have someone who insists on the right thing being done, other people around will start labelling him and telling him that his/her own stance is too rigid, instead of joining such fellow to put an end to the injustice.

We always go with the stupid phrase: “God will do it”. Which god? No god is gonna do anything, anywhere. It is you and I that must do it. Stop the stupidity of these imported religion and use your brains. Say NO to the evil polithievians Nigeria is cursed with, and let us take our future into our own hands.
Nigeria: $480,000 (£361,610)
Senator Shehu Sani reported in 2018 that Nigeria’s extremely well-paid members of government earned as much as $480,000 (£361,610). Their monthly salary is only $2,000 (£1,512), but along with their monthly guaranteed expense allowance of $35,720 (£27,000) their salary becomes one of the best in the world. This is despite the fact that many people in Nigeria live on less than $2 (£1.51) per day.

USA: $174,000 (£131,109)
President Trump famously donates his $400,000 (£307k) salary, giving it to groups such as the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism and the Department of Homeland Security. However, Congress members are paid less than the president, receiving $174,000 (£131,109) a year. Since 2010, members of Congress have annually voted against a pay increase, meaning that their salaries have remained the same since 2009.

Germany: $133,279 (£100,439)
German politicians earn $133,279 (£100,439) a year, making them some of the highest paid members of parliament in Europe. The wage is designed to attract people from all walks of life, including those who have previously been on a higher salary.

Canada: $130,710 (£100,335)
A member of the House of Commons in Canada gets a base salary of CA$175,600 (US$130,710/
£100,335). Pay rises have been criticised by the public, who have said politicians’ salaries are too far above the average yearly Canadian salary, estimated at CA$63,963 (US$47,622/£36,557) by the OECD.
UK: $102,364 (£77,379)
The basic salary for a member of the UK’s parliament is $102,364 (£77,379). However politicians’ salaries are expected to rise by a further $2,620 (£2,000) a year from April 2019.
China: $22,000 (£16,662)
Members of the Chinese government, including President Xi Jinping, were given a 62% pay rise in 2015, bringing their yearly earnings to $22,000 (£16,662) across the board.

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