The ‘Magularized’ EFCC Has In Its Possession Both Fresh And Dried Skeletons Yet To Be Exhumed

The ‘Magularized’ EFCC Has In Its Possession Both Fresh And Dried Skeletons Yet To Be Exhumed __ Written by Seyi Oyetunbi

We have lost a nation to “pen rubbers” occupying our public offices. David Cameron, ex Prime Minister of the UK rightly said, “if the amount of money stolen in Nigeria was stolen in the UK, the country would cease to exist.” We have by default established a safe haven for criminals who wouldn’t see anything wrong in selling Nigeria for some dollars.

The embattled Ag. Chairman of EFCC is yet another testimony to the fact that this administration is a complete failure in all spheres you may turn to for consolation. The intensity of allegations against Mr. Magu would make one doubt the meaning of the acronym EFCC to mean something contrary to its practices. PDP established the agency, yet APC is too lazy to run it efficiently. At this moment, he who thinks we have a government is sleeping under a burning roof. What we have is a government that systematically creates problem for every problem. And I will unequivocally put it forward to you that if it takes a year to investigate Magu, he would still have so much in hidden because he knows they never created any system to mitigate or manage corruption in the public space. If they choose to dig deep, it would be more apparent than it is,  that Buhari’s government has only lifted Nigeria from the past administration, over to the next level of ballistic corruption.

A corruption taken too far is one where the Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission is a ring leader in the practice of looting and relooting. For five years, we have kept fried meats under the watch of a brutish reckless cat.
EFCC under the chairmanship of the troubled Magu was not more than a tool to intimidate and victimize opposition. For whatever reason, Magu will not be prosecuted. They only need him out of the way as he’s done banking with them. Don’t expect the new acting chairman to be any better.

The Buhari-led-administration that prides itself with a ludicrous integrity obviously will go down the dungeon of history to be one of the incompetent administrations ever, as far as governance in Nigeria is concerned. A video clip of Ganduje pocketing kick-back in dollar went public, we were told to figure out the technology used in the coverage. Again, on the Eve of presidential elections, two bullion vans hauled money into the residence of Bola Tinubu, we were told it isn’t our business. Like that was not enough for us to brood over for the rest of this failed administration, the public was still exposed to a video where the Speaker of Lagos State House of Assembly confirmed that money is for spending; after he was enmeshed in several displeasing corruption allegations. I almost forgot to add that Orji Uzor Kanu still legislates in our hallowed chamber. Only a ‘Magularized’ EFCC and a ‘Buharized’ administration can claim to be fighting corruption under this nefarious climate. 

The EFCC we have is created to fight everything except corruption. As long as Nigeria Police Force constitutionally retains the sole mandate to produce its chairman, the commission will not disengage itself from corruption. So far the commission has had four chairmen, I think  it’s only Nuhu Ribadu that left with somewhat unblemished record. And the kind of corruption in Nigeria can not be successfully fought without the inclusion of technology. Corruption in this part of the world is a mental illness; people steal with joy and pride and somehow find people to justify the act.

We pay criminals handsomely to subjugate, steal, mismanage, gag, oppress and we still take their fight. I doubt if we can point at any government institution working for Nigerians. 

Seyi Oyetunbi 


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