Student Butchered, Shot Death in Post-Graduation Violence at Abia State University

Violence broke out at the Miracle Lodge along the Uturu/Isiukwuato road when a newly graduated student from Abia State University was shot and mutilated by rival cult groups. The incident occurred just days after the student had completed his studies at the university.

According to anonymous sources, the student had been on the run from a rival cult group before being killed at the lodge early in the morning. The student had been targeted by the group for unknown reasons.

As of the time of this report, the body of the deceased student has been taken to the morgue, with military personnel present to maintain order in the area. The exact circumstances surrounding the death remain unclear, but it is believed to be related to ongoing conflict between rival groups. The situation remains tense, and authorities are working to investigate the incident and prevent further violence.

Following the incident, students fled the area out of fear of a retaliatory attack or mass arrests by security forces. The incident has heightened tensions in the area. Students are concerned for their safety and are calling for increased security measures to prevent further violence.


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