Sowore Urges Nigerians Not To Give Up, Says AAC Will Rescue Nigeria From Greedy Politicians


The National Chairman and 2019 presidential candidate of the African Action Congress, Omoyele Sowore, has called on Nigerians to be steadfast and resist any attempt to succumb to the antics of the President Muhammadu Buhari government.

Sowore disclosed this on Saturday in Abuja in his New Year message to Nigerians and members of the AAC.

The activist urged Nigerians and AAC members to resist any attempt by the ruling class to manipulate the country’s political process, adding that the party will liberate and rescue Nigerians from poverty and hardship created by the All Progressives Congress.

Sowore said, “Since the launch of our party on August 15, 2018, we have, with unimaginable energy, reached out to the masses of our people, mobilised them with our revolutionary ideas and have made sure that our message of hope and liberation spread across the nooks and corners of the world, starting from our base here in Nigeria.

“You all have made this spread possible in a short period through your unflinching support; times you had to send the last naira, last dollar, last pound and euro, helping with all sorts, travelling from far and near just to make sure the mill of the revolution grinds well. I seriously want to thank you.

“Our party and members had been able to storm the weather as there is no gainsaying to the fact that for the last three years of the establishment of our great party, we have maintained our insignia of freedom, truth, resistance, solidarity and camaraderie.

“All these we have held with our heads straight, eyes focused, shoulders high despite heavy state intimidations and threats, always pointing us to the contrary.

“I, on behalf of the NWC, can tell you for a fact that the usurpers are not finding the battle funny anymore. They have run out of gas, as supports from their political schemers, internally and externally have shrunk beyond their expectation.

“In 2021, we recorded significant growth – set up and rejuvenated leadership structures in a state such as Kaduna, partook in local government elections in Ondo, Benue, Kano and a few other states across the country.

“Attempts were also made in Lagos before we were consciously sabotaged again by the regime’s undemocratic electoral umpire (INEC) who deliberately omitted our party’s name on the ballot box.

“Preparations are underway for our participation in Abuja. I want to assure you that more states shall be visited by the National Working Committee this new year, as there shall be a lot of state-wide town hall meetings to iron out a number of developmental issues.

“The AAC is our party, your party. As you all know that 2022 is our national convention year and as believers in democratic tenets, leadership would change.

“I urge all members and prospectives to be part of the process and engage as peace-loving individuals that we are known as. The dates and lines of activities shall be reeled out soon after all constitutional provisions have been fulfilled.

“At this juncture, on the state of the nation, I want to inform you that 2022 would be awash with a lot of neo-liberal attacks, democratic rights would be violated more by the state and the civic space would continue to shrink, but as usual of a penultimate election year, the Nigerian ruling class are prepared to throw crumbs around, to again secure their reign.

“I need not remind you that these crumbs are from our commonwealth; our collective patrimony that they have stolen for themselves and their cronies. It is a given that poverty has been inflicted on the rest of us and it has also been weaponised for social conditioning.”

Credit: SaharaReporters

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