Seven Things You Should Know About Ikoyi Collapsed Building


A marketing material for the collapsed building in Ikoyi area of
Lagos revealed more details about the collapsed building.
The online flier touts the building and the other two skyscrapers as “Luxury in the sky.”
Below are some things you should know about the collapsed building:

  1. The collapsed building was one of three towers called 360 Degrees, Ikoyi.
  2. The towers included maisonettes, flats, duplexes and penthouses.
  3. The towers is being constructed by Fourscore Homes owned by businessman, Femi Osibona.
  4. Some of the features of the building include open outdoor
    recreation area with TV, a gym, swimming pool and more.
  5. The expected completion date of the project is 2022.
  6. The prices start from $1.2m (over N492m) with the cheapest penthouse being $5m (over N2bn).
  7. The developers lured buyers with the promise of “a 7-star hotel experience living in the heart of Ikoyi.”
  8. Credit: Instagram | 360degreesikoyi

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