Schools should still be closed — Varsity chancellor

Schools should still be closed — Varsity chancellor

Against the continuous spread of coronavirous disease in Nigeria, the Chancellor of the Oduduwa University, Ipetumodu, Osun State,  Dr. Ramon  Adedoyin, has advised the government not to reopen  schools, churches, mosques and similar institutions until a permanent solution is found to the problem.

According to him, the reopening of schools and religious gatherings without having a cure or vaccine for coronavirus would bring about problems for the country.

Adedoyin said there were certain posers to be answered by teachers, school owners, parents as well as those at the helms before the thought of opening schools.

He said: “Teachers should ask themselves if they are ready to unnecessarily put themselves at risk in their daily interactions with students, while teaching and even while marking scripts without any risk allowances or compensations to their families in case they die from contracting Covid-19 from work.”

He also raised some challenges likely to be faced by school owners, if schools were to be reopened as being clamoured for.

He said: “What approaches would adopted, if it was discovered that a student shows COVID-19 symptoms during learning. Are they to quarantine the teachers, the whole class or the whole school? How often should the temperature of teachers and students be tested? How easy will it be to test the whole school before lessons? Is the teaching and learning going to continue if the school, runs out of sanitizer? And if the teacher is in self-quarantine, who will take his/her course load? “


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