Rwandan President Paul Kagame Appoints A 19-year-old Teenage Boy As A Minister

Patrick Nkuriza 19, has been appointed a Minister of New Technologies and Development of by Paul Kagame,President of Rwanda
As the saying goes; ′′ Value does not wait for the number of years to come “.

This saying fits perfectly with the fate of Patrick Nkuriza, a 19-year-old Rwandan, the youngest Minister of his country’s Cabinet.

Indeed, this little genius experienced a dramatic rise to the point of getting the baccalaureate at 14 and obtaining a PhD in digital communication engineer afterwards.

Patrick is a real gifted person who has developed several applications that allows his country to perform activities in a lot of economic areas.

So it is commendable that he is appointed a minister in his specialty but a minister like no other, who lives with his parents and goes to work accompanied by his father in his escorted car.

Credit: InfoEast

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