Rape: An Insecurity To Female Gender – Taiwo Noah

Rape: An Insecurity To Female Gender
By Taiwo Noah Jesuponmile

The legal definition of rape has changed substantially since the late 20th century. Rape is often explained or excused as a manifestation of racial, ethnic and class hatred or as stemming from a patriarchal system in which women are viewed as the property of men.
Whatever it’s origin, Rape is a serious Crime and it is treated as a felony in most countries with common-law system.
It has been seen in recent time that victims of rape choose not to report the crime to police or press charges due to humiliation.
It is no more a news in Nigeria, the incidents of rape we are having in recent days. Both Young and old are facing rape from all part of the country.
It is no more a news that one of our Nigeria students from Uniben UWA Omozua, a 22 years old microbiology student was raped and murdered by unknown men in a church at Edo state.
Bello Barakat of Federal college of Animal health and production Technology, Moore Plantation, Apata Ibadan was assaulted and murdered at her resident situated at Akinyele.
An aged woman of age 70 was assaulted before been rescued by her neighbors. Jennifer a girl of 12years was raped by 11 men at Jigawa.
All this as caused a security treat to the country at large and this as brought fear to our female genders in the Nation at large.
As a good citizen of Nigeria, let’s rise to defend our female genders, let’s all rise up to fight Rape in our dear Country,because Victims of Rape are been affected with trauma which also make them feel inferior in the society and it will also be a forever scar in their heart.
My message to the rapist is that they should desist from this behavior, female counterparts should be treated with love and care, because 5 mins for you, it’s forever for them.
To Nigeria Government, The power and strategies to curb this immoral behavior is there, bring all the culprit to book.
To my fellow Nigerians, let’s treat rape victims with love and care. They are human like us.

Justice for UWA
Justice for Jennifer
Justice for Barakat
Justice for all rape Victims


Comrade Taiwo Noah Jesuponmile
The National General Secretary of Yoruba student association of Nigeria.


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