Protests Erupt in Ondo As Nigerian Youths ‘Rise Up’ Against EFCC Operations


In a dramatic display of civil unrest, Nigerian youths descended upon the streets of Akure, Ondo State, on Monday, staging a forceful demonstration against what they perceived to be the heavy-handed tactics employed by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

The impassioned crowd of protesters gathered around 10:00 am to voice their discontent with the perceived overreach of the EFCC. The demonstration, which swelled in size throughout the morning, caused significant traffic congestion in the vicinity of Governor Office and other nearby areas, resulting in a logistical nightmare for those trying to navigate the city.

In a weekend operation that has sparked outrage among the people of Ondo State, the Ibadan Zonal Directorate of the EFCC conducted a sweeping arrest of 127 suspected internet fraudsters in the area.

A protester, who took part in the demonstration, explained the rationale behind their collective act of defiance. According to the young man, the EFCC’s indiscriminate arrests of local youths, which have become increasingly common, have led to a widespread perception that the agency is overstepping its mandate and targeting the innocent.

“An arrest of a large number of persons of such mostly young people is a direct call for anarchy and civil unrest in the land and there’s no justification for such an act under any guise and that’s why we have come out to say enough is enough. EFCC must stop the incessant arrest and harassment of young youths in Ondo state,” he said.

In response to the growing tensions on the streets of Akure, a contingent of law enforcement agencies, including the police and other security forces, was promptly mobilized to the scene to ensure that the protest did not escalate into a full-blown crisis.

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