Prophetess Happy Edema Sues Actress Doris Ogala For N1billion Over Defamatory Comments On Ruth Matthew And Prophet Fufenyi Jeremiah Case

News making round had it that a woman identified as Ruth Matthew, who had accused the founder of Christ Mercy Land Church in Warri, Delta State, Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin, of kidnapping her child, who was later arrested and charged to court, drew the sympathy of prophetess Happy Edema of Happiness Ministries intl. who provided legal assistance to the said Ruth Matthew during trivail.

Afterwards, a certain Nollywood actress whose name is Doris Ogala was alleged to have defamed the Prophetess, calling her several derogatory names,and all this defamation was done severally by Doris Ogala and her cronies.

However Ruth Matthew case actually attracted attention after she alleged that her child went missing at the Christ MercyLand Church in Warri, adding that the owner of the church, Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin had a hand in the child’s disappearance. It was on that basics that prophetess Happiness decided to assist Ruth Matthew in her own capacity.

In the suit filed by fiery Abuja human rights lawyer, Samuel Ihensekhien jnr on 13th January 2023 on behalf of Prophetess Happy Edema against actress Doris Ogala for reparative , compensatory damages and retractive claims against actress Doris Ogala, who also most times, bear the name: Chioma Johnson was filed at FCT High Court.

Part of the case filed at FCT High court with suit no fct/hc/cv/73/23 at paragraph 13 have it that:
The defendant referring to Doris Ogala did a voice-note and was played on the 7th January 2023 on the facebook
page of a blogger whose name is Chantel Adebayo Isikhueme on chaneltel
kev facebook broadcast and was listened to and heard by more than fifty
person and the plaintiff friends, lawyer and family members and this
facebook broadcast further lowered the reputation and destroyed the
mind of aforementioned persons who are all close to the plaintiff,who now
avoid plaintiff and think lowly of the plaintiff,that she is corrupt ,a fraudster and very untrusted person scamming innocent persons in the society with her involvement in this case.

  1. That before this time, the defendant have been also involved in series of
    defamatory comments and blackmail against the plaintiff seen by plaintiff
    close friends and relatives. That the defamatory comments where made on
    the plaintiff face book official page with name as Happiness Ministries
    International by the defendant using different facebook names like :de
    mma,OKEZUO ABIA DAVAS and DORIS OGALA U in continuously defaming,
    blackmailing and lowering the reputation of the plaintiff and they include
    a. Referring to plaintiff like :who born this old girl
    b. Referring to plaintiff:her naked video where she was seducing prof ex just
    c. Moreso the defendant dispayed the above fake and doctored naked video on
    the plaintiff facebook page.
    d. In other instances,defamatory comments and blackmailing comments were
    sent by the defendant vide her facebook page of doris ogala u to the plaintiff
    through direct messages,which was seen by plaintiff lawyer and facebook
    page admins,where the defendant constantly defamed ,lower and abuse the
    reputation of plaintiff and accussed the plaintiff of lowly conducts, defrauding
    ruth matthew,calling plaintiff theif, and blackmailing the plaintiff to account
    for funds which are not in her custody.
    e. Also the defendant vide whats app message with Nigeria phone number with
    09077460711 also send pseudo messages to plaintiff and seen by the plaintiff
    friends and workers, sharing fake plaintiff doctored nudes and continuously
    defaming the plaintiff, by calling her all manner of names and herein lowering
    the reputation of the plaintiff in the eyes of every one who saw this message,
    and by implication making the plaintiff to like a invalid and dishonest
    corruptible personality to everyone who saw this messages.
    Reacting on the above case, prophetess happy edema said she filed this suit in other to stop forthwith further blackmailing and defamatory comments on internet platforms by actress Doris ogala and her cronies against her.
    That by this suit, she believed all the defamatory allegations made against her and paid gossip by Doris ogala and cronies will be put to stop.
    The suit also has some reliefs against actress Doris ogala , which include vizaviz :

A . The sum of one billion naira only being general and aggravated damages
seperately against the Defendant.
B. An order of the honorable court for an apology and well worded retraction
by the defendant to be published in a similarly conspicious manner in any
trending facebook, digital and online broadcasting channel alongside a
nigeria local newspaper as may be determined by the court and within such
time after the judgement as honorable court may direct.
C. An order of perpetual Injunction Restraining the defendant from howsoever
publishing ,broadcasting through any means including online and onsite
defamatory contents, words and comments against the Plaintiff in whatever
D. A Further order restraining the defendant,her agents, proxies or any persons
connected with the defendant online howsoever From publishing
,broadcasting through any means including online and onsite defamatory
contents, words and comments against the Plaintiff in whatever form.

As at the time of filling this report, no date has been fixed for hearing and other injunctive reliefs proceedings in this case.

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