Post Covid19 and Education in Nigeria, Traditional learning or E-learning – By Olasunkanmi Hotonu

Post Covid19 and Education in Nigeria, Traditional learning or E-learning – By Olasunkanmi Hotonu

The development of the educational sector in Nigeria needs to be checked and worked on, before we can talk about the need for traditional learning or e-learning.

In my own opinion, not all schools have the capacity, facility and capability to go full-time into the e-learning aspect of teaching.

I overheard some teachers discussing about this directive of some schools that are doing e-learning classes for their students.

They said that, there’s no class that can be so sweet for a teacher like the traditional learning but mixed with e-learning classes.

One of the teachers added to the point that, e-learning cannot be taken just like that because most private owned schools are still very much keen into the traditional learning and it is more effective for them.

Besides, some are not tech savvy enough to create an e-learning class; talk more of engaging students on such technological platform.

Although, some schools are just incorporating into their curriculums effective computer studies or IT programs. Yet, they are not still fit to take in the e-learning structure.

I will suggest that, education in Nigeria needs upgrade, and we need to fix it from the grassroots — government and private owned schools.

Traditional learning should continue while we make tremendous efforts to bring up sound e-learning classes into the school curriculums. Without that, bringing e-learning after the post Covid-19 with a national law backing it, won’t work in the situation of education in Nigeria.

Educational sector in Nigeria is lacking so much. It is not balanced yet. All schools, both government and private owners are doing what pleases them, leaving the future of the students to be shaky.

Little wonder, very few secondary school student can work effectively with the computer and most of them never has the dream of becoming a teacher.

Truth be said, whether traditional learning or e-learning, we need more highly skilled personnels of good worth who knows more about the growth of education in other countries to mount offices in the educational sector for effective leadership.

Hence, nothing much can be done to avert the menace caused in the educational sector.

Conclusively, let’s not be too forward in making decision on which to use in traditional learning or e-learning. Post Covid-19 shouldn’t be the major reason for this development.

Growth, in the aspect of equipping the teachers and students of the proper use of traditional learning or e-learning should be the priority of the leaders in the educational sector.

With that, other things can fall into the picture and the future of education in Nigeria will be undeniably bright.

© Olasunkanmi Hotonu
Lagos, Nigeria
28th, May, 2020

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