Portable’s Former Manager, Stelliza, Passes Away


The music industry is in mourning following the untimely death of Oluwatosin Adeseyan, better known by her professional moniker Stelliza. A former manager to the controversial musician Portable, Stelliza was a prominent figure in the Nigerian music scene, known for her talent management skills and industry connections.

Stelliza reportedly lost her life in a fatal car accident on the morning of May 19th. The incident occurred as Stelliza was returning from a night out at a local nightclub, resulting in a devastating end to her life and career.

The tragic passing of Stelliza was first revealed by gossip blogger Cutie Juls on social media. As news of her untimely death spread like wildfire, notable personalities and fans alike flocked to Cutie Juls’ page to express their grief and pay tribute to the beloved industry figure.

As news of her passing spread, prominent personalities including comedian Kamo State and many others flocked to social media to express their grief and pay homage to the respected industry figure.

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