Policemen Share Biscuits and Water with Protestors in Lagos

On Tuesday, in a show of support, police officers were seen handing out biscuits and water to protestors gathered in Alausa, Lagos. Their gesture was met with gratitude by the protestors, who were demonstrating peacefully to call for change.

The people took to the streets of Lagos to raise awareness about the economic challenges currently facing many Nigerians. With placards and chants, they called for action to address the rising cost of living and the difficult economic conditions.

In addition to protesting the current economic conditions, the protestors are also calling for the government to follow through on previous agreements made in October 2023, when the fuel subsidy was removed. They claim that the government has not lived up to its promises, and that further action is needed to address the rising cost of living.

In a remarkable show of solidarity, the police officers handed out water and biscuits to the protestors, as they chanted in support of the Nigeria Police.

Photo Credit: Punch

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