Peter Obi’s Former Campaign Chief, Doyin Okupe Says Tinubu Is the ‘Best’ Presidential Candidate of 2023


Doyin Okupe, the former Director-General of the Labour Party Presidential Campaign Group, has now praised Bola Tinubu as the most capable candidate among the contenders in the 2023 general elections.

Doyin Okupe’s surprising assessment of President Tinubu’s capabilities as a leader was revealed during an interview on Channels Television’s ‘Politics Today’ program on Friday.

According to him, “Let me tell you, of all the people that actually ran for president in 2023, by the benefit of hindsight, Bola Tinubu is the best.

“I have seen Peter Obi, I have been with Atiku Abubakar, I also knew Bola Tinubu many years ago.

“I have not seen him in the last 7 to 8 years, but he is the best in terms of capability, commitment, and knowledge. People keep underestimating what he did in Lagos.”

Continuing his remarks on Channels Television’s ‘Politics Today,’ Doyin Okupe appealed to the public to exercise patience and avoid jumping to conclusions about President Tinubu’s performance as leader.

He said, “You can never and should never judge this administration like you judged other administrations. Because this is an abnormal situation in which this administration came to life.

“After such a prostrate economy for eight years, the government and governance were abandoned. Things became so bad. That was the point at which this administration came in. People are forgetting.”

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