Panic As Heavy Flood Sweeps Through Ikire Roads


Residents of Ikire are still reeling after a flash flood swept through the area on Saturday morning, causing widespread damage and forcing many families to evacuate their home. This occurred at Naira and Kobo road, along the Ibadan Expressway.

Sources revealed that the flood was caused by heavy rain. The rain started on Saturday morning, causing the town’s drainage system and nearby river reach the brim.

A source revealed further that the streets linking to Naira and Kobo road suddenly became flooded due to the bad roads and poor drainage system.

“The surroundings of our house was filled with water and even inside the house, we just had to bring out our clothes, beds and other stuffs in the house”

“Water entered my shop, filled up the whole place, I had to start using broom and packer to sweep the water back outside so that it won’t get worse,” the source said

Also, a resident who spoke to one of our correspondent on the condition of anonymity narrated how the flood almost swept a young child away.

He said, “Moto no fit pass anywhere dem just ust dey turn back.
Almost carry pikin go for Country lounge.”
PurpleWorld was able to find out that country lounge is a name of an hotel in Ikire, close to the area where the incident occurred.

Many families and business owners were said to have lost some of their personal belongings and suffered property damage.

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