Otedola Celebrates DJ Cuppy: Nigerian Billionaire’s Proud Dad Moment with King Charles III


Nigerian billionaire, Femi Otedola has taken to social media to express his immense pride in his daughter, DJ Cuppy, who has reportedly been appointed to a new role under the patronage of King Charles III of England.

In a heartwarming post, Otedola lauded his daughter’s accomplishments and her ability to represent not just her family but also Nigeria on the global stage.

The news has generated a lot of buzz in the media and among Nigerians, as DJ Cuppy’s ascension into the circles of the British monarchy is seen as a significant milestone for both her family and the country.

In what can be described as a royal honor of the highest caliber, DJ Cuppy was recently pictured at Buckingham Palace, where she was invited to attend the exclusive King’s Trust International reception, hosted by none other than His Royal Highness King Charles III.

As one of the chosen few to grace the event, DJ Cuppy was in the presence of the King himself, an experience that few can ever claim to have had. The pictures from this visit, shared across various online platforms, captured the essence of this significant moment in the DJ’s life, one that marks a profound achievement for both herself and her family.

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