Osun is Killing Osun _Written by Apst King Comedian

Osun is Killing Osun _Written by Apst King Comedian

I do not know where we got the idea of hyping Osogbo Town. To rent a Shop in Osogbo town is N400,000? A friend of mine rented a space last week at 2.9M.2.5M for subsequent rent and 400k for caretaker. I laugh at his folly. As at last year, a Cinema started operating in the town. Myself and many others thought it was the beginning of new era. We were like “Osogbo is moving” … But have you heard?
The Cinema shut down because they could no longer afford 2million price tag for the space. Funny enough, it is indeed a small space. With this, an opportunity was lost. The city could no longer boost of having a Cinema.

Looking at the issue from a closer angle, the caretakers are to be blamed. They are very good at convincing property owners so as to satisfy themselves. As if that is not enough, to rent an apartment in Osogbo is now a problem.

Taking a step further in the journey, I heard of a Shopping complex in Osogbo. The caretaker had already paid for the whole space to the property owner. How could a caretaker pay a property owner off? So alarming and worrisome. Now, to rent the space from the caretaker is N400,000. This is wonderful.

I am afraid, the activities of our agents in osogbo is downplaying the development of the city. This will continue to kill the economy of the state.
Osogbo is the problem of Osogbo
Osogbo is Killing Osogbo.

Wait for Part 2…

Apst King Comedian

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