Hey dear friends, how are you doing?? I miss you, it’s been a while since I last hear from you. Maybe in the next few days, I might see you again, just like my friends saw you exactly this time last year.

By now, you must have heard that some set of intruders will be attacking the streets with placards this coming Wednesday (Aug 5). I hope you are so well prepared for them. Hopefully, you should be planning to do more than what you did to them last year…

It’s so sad that despite being friends, we always have to stand against each other, though, but…

Guess you are wondering who I am. I am one of those people you told that you are their friends, or you didn’t remember saying something like “We are your friends”. Now you remember right, good! …

Sincerely, I love you and I respect you. I mean it. You are the ones who stay up all night while I’m still fast asleep to protect me, isn’t it?? And each time there’s a robbery case, you are the one who show up, isn’t it?.. Seriously, I know your worth. You help in keeping orders….

Hmm, but beyond your bossy look lies a man who needed help… Oh yes, I do know that too.

I know of how much you struggle to maintain a standard life, how much you couldn’t boast of serving your nation. I know of how much you couldn’t say the truth with all your mouth, and how you would rather say “yes sire”, against your dignity and integrity just to safe your work. I know of how your life never mattered, how those who send you off to war wouldn’t care if you die or live. I know of how your pensions get delayed, even your salaries, I know of how you can’t protest when it looks not enough… I quite know you well….

I know of how you can’t shout out that you need help. It’s obvious you are handicapped.

Sadly, you are still the tool use in stopping those who wants to help you shout. In the oppressed class, your own seat is special. You are the oppressed used in oppressing the oppressed… I do not hope to make jest of you. I’m only being sincere with you.

See, you have to pick a side. Enough is enough. You have to choose your tent between the oppressor and the oppressed. You are the major disturbance to the change! While we sometimes feel like we should pity you, we get angry because you are indecisive.

Lance Corporal Martins already opened the floor..
Just imagine if he is not alone. imagine if you had joined him in getting free. just imagine what would happen if you loose your chains, and stand up for liberation and freedom. Just imagine..

Well, Dear Friend, there is a lot I wish to say to you, but I have to go prepare for our next encounter. Please friend, don’t be too harsh on me, if we actually meet, hmm, because I won’t hurt you back even if you do.

Yeah, I still love you. My friends love you too. We would keep hoping that one day, just one day… You break loose from your chain and join the revolutionary train.

Your friend at barricade!

I’m Martinaluther

Send this letter to any close armed force member that know. Or better still, send them a lovely message, appreciating their service and telling them about Revolution!!!… They are never our enemies, they are our friends in a stronger chain!!!


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