Oniru Monarch Installed By Tinubu Reportedly Torments Residents As Lagos State Government Ignores Several Petition

Oniru of iru, Omogbolahan lawal, an erstwhile commissioner from 2011 till may 2020 before he resigned to become oniru just a few days later with utter disregard to the ancestral lineage and the tenets oniru monarchial institution.

The charlatan has been on rampage since he was fraudulently enthroned by bola Ahmed tinubu who bragged openly on the day of Gbolahan Lawal’s coronation that any opposition to his political son will lose their lands and properties.

The Iru community has been incessantly ransacked and indigenes whom are voices of dissent severely woulded by the king’s thugs in a manner reminiscent of his coronation day attack, on that fateful day, we heard noises and Lagos state police on horses while violent thugs sponsored by Gbolahan and his political allies take the lead in looting and maiming.

Sometime in August last year, Justice Alakija of the federal high court Ikoyi granted an injunction resisting the brutish monarch from trespassing the oniru beach which he has violated flagrantly without fear of judicial consequences. There has been seperate petitions submitted to the Lagos state governor, Babajide Sanwoolu and deputy Gov. Femi Hamzat yet there’s no official response from the state.

The court injunction was submitted to the Lagos police for enforcement which lasted for just a week only to pave way for total take over of the oniru beach by Gbolahan’s thugs, this happened after several failed efforts by the to steal people’s land for himself like the British international school, as at press time, people are still exorbitantly and illegally taxed, beaten and bullied over their land and properties. Oniru beach is currently open and operated by the lawless former APC Commisioner right under the supervision of the state without involving any leader, clan and family of iru community that are rightful owners by history and court pronouncement, because he lacks the traditional authority to lead us, this isn’t a representation of our cherished heritage and monarch system but just a one man show of shame, thuggery and lawlessness backed by the thieving political juggernaut in Lagos!

It is pertinent to note that the oniru indigenes are resolute in the face of injustice and unruly rulership whose sole purpose is to run a parallel government and economy while the ancestral and rightful owners become victims of thuggery and looting sponsored by the illegal monarch. The public must realize that the political tyranny has eaten deep in the traditional institutions so much that the kings have become nothing but allies and messengers of corrupt politicians. As citizens, we must remain steadfast in our demands for good governance from every misleader we have been accursed with till we our rights are respected and we are all free.

On this note, we call on Nigerians to join the oppressed people of oniru to call Gbolahan Lawal and his political godfathers in bourdillon and Alausa to order!

Like Martin Luther king said Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. Solidarity forever
The concerned residents and natives of iruland.

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