(Press statement of the Kunle Ajayi, African Action Congress (AAC) Gubernatorial Candidate in Ondo2024)

Just about two days after I tweeted on X about the issues of ocean surge and the systemic destruction of Ayetoro in Ilaje due to Oil Explorations and Climate Change, the whole Ayetoro community, in Ilaje local government Area of Ondo state have staged a protest and called on the federal and the state government to save their souls and rescue the community. This protest was yesterday, May 29th.

Ayetoro Community protested over the long neglect by both the Federal and State government for the past two decades. This is despite the “6.5billion shoreline project award by NDDC” which is yet executed after 16 years!

Over 700 houses destroyed. Students can no longer go to school, while the enviable Community-owned factories are washed off. There is no shoreline protection neither is there a Marine plan by former Governments.

Many do no understand the significance of Ayetoro as a Communalist Town self-built by the people. It is a special experimented town of how best to build on the ocean. Ayetoro used to be proudly called the London of Ilaje, with it’s spectacular Egalitarian self-government. But sadly today, Ayetoro is getting extinct.

What is happening to Ayetoro is a parable to the whole of the Riverine Areas of Ondo state. This is why our party has adapted the great Amsterdam Plans to build a great chain of cities and towns all across Ilaje to Apoi to Arogbo with a well-mapped out rail/road Marine Transport way that will help to pave way for specially built Smart towns and cities that would be climate-fortified.

Our party’s approach to rebuilding Ayetoro and indeed the whole of Ondo Riverside will be proactive and explorative of great foresights over astonishments. Amsterdam is a city on water, yet, is one of the smartest and most artfully built globally with special use of Green Economy.

To our Ayetoro people, I commend us for taking mass actions, and we must be consistent with this. These rulers will only come out to make fake promises like they have always been doing, just for the press and votes. Sadly, two former Deputy Governors under the Late Governor Rotimi Akeredolu did nothing to help the plights of Ayetoro and the whole Ondo South. Even in electricity, they have been grossly irresponsible. In fact, Agboola Ajayi’s hometown, our beloved Kiribo, has never experienced electricity before. And Lucky Aiyedatiwa is a part and parcel of the old Akeredolu/NDDC fruitless promises to save Ayetoro. It’s sad that nothing good can come from the Jerusalem of these anti-developmental elements anymore.

But Ayetoro, succour is coming. #IrapadaOndo has promised a concise and emergent action once we win the race to Alagbaka. Before this, we will keep standing in solidarity with not only Ayetoro, but all of the Ondo State people in pains and penuries.

I therefore use this opportunity on the Ondo State government and the Federal Ministry of Environment, Marine Economy and other agencies like NDDC and OSOPADEC to rise to their duties and declare a state of emergency on Ayetoro and other Niger Delta towns and villages currently ravaged by climate change as a result of the indiscriminate oil explorations. We will mobilize our party members, and supporters to join in active solidarity the Protests by the great Ayetoro community, as we urge the whole of the people of Ilaje, Ikale, Arogbo, and Apoi to unite and defend the rights of the Ayetoro people to good and comfortable living. While we are doing this, we are also helping our own collective future!

Kunle Ajayi (Wizeman,)
Governorship Candidate,
The African Action Congress (AAC.)
30th, May, 2024.

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