Ogun State Government Launches Demolition Drive to Clear Public Spaces and Bridges of Shanties and Temporary Structures


The Ogun State Government has initiated a demolition drive on Thursday. The operation targeted shanties and other temporary buildings that had been erected beneath public spaces and bridges throughout the state.

The action, spearheaded by Farouk Akintunde, the Senior Special Assistant to Governor Dapo Abiodun on Environment, was taken after the expiration of a notice period given to the affected individuals, he revealed.

He added that the shanties have become a hideout for criminals, which has resulted in insecurity.

Akintunde said, “We have issued them a notice since last year, but they refused to leave. The notice has expired. That is why we are here to demolish all makeshift, shanties, and illegal structures.

“These shanties have become a hideout for criminal elements, and the government won’t tolerate such. It is a continuous exercise.”

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