Nigerian Students Forced to Leave UK University and Country Over Unpaid Tuition Fees


A group of Nigerian students at Teesside University in the United Kingdom has been ordered to leave the country after struggling to pay their tuition fees on time.

The students claim that the devaluation of the Nigerian Naira has made it difficult for them to keep up with the payments, leading to a breach of visa sponsorship requirements.

Some of the affected students have been prevented from continuing their studies, reported to the Home Office, and ordered to leave the UK. The university states that strict external regulations have left them with no choice but to take this action.

The students, about 60 in number, have expressed their distress and disappointment, urging the university to provide support. They held a peaceful protest on campus, seeking assistance in resolving the situation.

Sharing her story with BBC, Adenike Ibrahim, a Nigerian student close to graduation at Teesside University in the UK, has been ordered to leave the country after her visa was revoked due to unpaid tuition fees. Despite having paid 90% of her fees, the university’s decision was based on strict external regulations.

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